Every Room in the House

We decided to put together this master list of articles which include the “best” of every single type of room in the house.  We cover every type of style, design, you name it.   Hope you enjoy!


20 Examples of French Country Bedrooms
20 Gorgeous Master Bedrooms with Sitting Areas
20 Examples of Perfect Feng Shui Bedrooms
20 Bedrooms Incorporating Boho Bedding
The 20 Best Celebrity Bedrooms in the U.S.
20 Beautiful Bedrooms Incorporating Negative Space
The Top 20 Bedrooms in Movie History
20 Gorgeous Bedrooms With Big Mirrors
20 Bedrooms with Unique Color Combinations
20 Luxurious Bedrooms with Armoire Setups


20 Celebrity Basements You Wished You Lived In
20 Finished Basements with Amazing Bar Setups
20 Incredible Basements with Hardwood Flooring
20 Gorgeous Basement Bathroom Ideas
20 Beautiful Basement Apartment Ideas
20 Amazing Sports Themed Basement Designs
20 Gorgeous Basement Flooring Ideas


20 Bathrooms with Beautiful Wall Decor
20 Beautiful Examples of Shiplap Bathrooms
20 Gorgeous Examples of Beadboard Bathrooms
20 Beautiful Examples of French Country Bathrooms
20 Small Bathrooms with Creative Storage Ideas
20 Gorgeous Bathrooms with Wooden Floors
20 Bathrooms with Unbelievable Views

Dining Room

20 Dining Rooms with Beautiful Farm Tables
20 Beautiful Dining Rooms Incorporating Concrete
20 Dining Rooms Incorporating Negative Space
20 Dining Rooms Incorporating Mirrors
20 Stunning Industrial Style Designed Dining Rooms
20 Gorgeous Dining Rooms with Chandeliers
30 Dining Rooms That Tend to Perfection
20 Awesome Yellow Dining Room Ideas

Living Room

20 Gorgeous Examples of Sunken Living Rooms
20 Beautiful Examples of French Country Living Rooms
20 Beautiful Living Rooms Incorporating Concrete
The 20 Best Celebrity Living Rooms in the U.S.
20 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Mirrors


20 Orange Kitchens that Will Blow You Away 
20 Gorgeous Kitchens Incorporating Engineered Hardwood
20 Beautiful Examples of French Country Kitchens
20 Beautiful Kitchens with High Ceilings
20 Unbelievable Kitchens in Mansions

Selected Reading

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10 Amazing Apartments in San Diego
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The Top 20 TV Apartments of All-Time
20 Awesome Penthouse Apartments in Movies
The Most Dangerous Swimming Pools in the World
20 Walk in Closets that Could Be Their Own Apartments
30 Fabulous Closets Fashionistas Dream At

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