20 Living Rooms With the Perfect Small Coffee Table

Small living rooms are not always easy to furnish due to the limited space. You may even have an awkward design to the room, on top of the limited space. Small living rooms require furniture that is scaled to size so as not to overcrowd the room and shrink the square footage of the floor. The coffee table is one of the most functional and most popular pieces of furniture in a living room. Coffee tables are perfect for displaying your favorite pictures, books, art, or for holding drinks or snacks. Small coffee tables can serve all the purposes you need, but on a smaller scale. You can choose the perfect small coffee table for your living room by following a few tips.

Take your measurements

Your main pieces of furniture are probably already set up where you want them around your room. Your coffee table will sit in front of your couch, and depending on the amount of space you have, you will want to choose one that fits, not only with the size of the sofa and other furniture, but the amount of space in the room. You don’t want to choose one that will limit your foot traffic room, making it hard to maneuver about the furniture and room. Take in consideration the shape of the coffee table. Just because a coffee table is small, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the shape you choose is the best fit. Whatever your available space is, find a table that has a shape that doesn’t consume more area than you can afford to lose. Maybe a round coffee table works best in your living room, or maybe a rectangular or modern design with a angular sides is the best fit. Before shopping for your table, measure your space and take pictures of the room to use for added help in picking out the perfect coffee table.

Choose your style

Your small coffee table should fit your design style in your living room and home. Whatever your décor theme is in your living room, you will want to follow suit with your coffee table. Choose a design that fits in with décor theme of your room and house. If your room is a modern or contemporary design, find a small coffee table that helps define your style and taste. You can mix and match many different design themes, but the key is to make the furniture flow throughout the room without confusing the look, or creating an awkward feel to it.

Be creative

If you don’t have room for a traditional coffee table, try using a small ottoman that doubles as a storage when you lift the top. A tall whicker plant stand or small chest is one way to get creative with coffee tables. Maybe two smaller-sized square tables set side-by-side gives you just the right amount of tabletop without being overwhelming and space-consuming. Use your imagination and think outside-the-box when it comes to picking a small coffee. Sometimes the non-conventional creates most unique and beautiful decorative looks.

To get more ideas on small coffee tables, take a look at the following pictures of 20 living rooms with the perfect small coffee table.

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