20 Small Coffee Table Ideas For Limited Living Space

Coffee tables are not only decorative items, but they are functional pieces of furniture, too. They are probably the most functional pieces of furniture in the room above any other. They can act as drink holders, a place for magazines, decorative art pieces, even foot rests. It’s sometimes hard to choose the right coffee table that will fit all your needs, especially if your room is not exactly the largest of rooms. When you have a small room to work with, this may limit your choices.

Whether you have a small home, apartment, or another small room in your home that you want to furnish with a coffee table but there is not a lot of space, finding a small coffee table for the room is an important detail that will help you keep the most floor space available for walking, as well as visual square footage so that your room doesn’t appear overcrowded and overwhelming to look at. So what are your options for small coffee tables? If you need ideas for small coffee tables, you can get some ideas right here, and tips for choosing small tables that will fit your look, style and space the best.

Measure your space

You should first, measure the space you plan to put your coffee table. If you plan to have it in front of your sofa, determine how much space in front of the sofa, you want your coffee table to extend in length and width, even how tall you want the coffee table to be so that it is easily accessible for you and guests to reach and use. Once you have your measurements, you will know what size to shop for.

What purpose will it serve?

You should know what functions you want your coffee table to be used for. For instance, do you plan to set magazines or a few books on? Then a small, round whicker coffee table might not be the ideal table for your room. Do you need it to provide extra storage for small items? You might want to shop for a table that has a stowaway lid that opens, or has an extra tier below the main tabletop. If you want your table to be a type of foot rest as well, you may want to consider a small ottoman for multi-function.

Color scheme and style

Choosing a coffee table that matches your colors and style is important to make your room and furniture flow. If you have a traditional style room, you can shop for a more traditional style coffee table. Wood coffee tables are popular and they come in many types of woods, different colors and different shapes. If your room is decorated in a country theme, you will want to find a coffee table that compliments the country look and stay away from modern or retro style coffee tables that don’t flow with your theme. You also don’t want to choose a color that doesn’t flow with the rest of your color scheme or it will throw the look and flow of your room off, and it will look out of place and awkward.

Just because your room is small, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo on a coffee table. You can find a small coffee table that serves the purposes you need it to, and not consume too much space in the meantime. For more small coffee table ideas, here are 20 small coffee table ideas for limited living space.

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