20 Beautiful Home Offices with Area Rugs

Your home office is where you spend a great deal of time each day. One thing you want for your home office, is for it to be functional. You also want it to be a beautiful space that inspires you, and you enjoy getting up and going to every day. If your home office has hardwood flooring, a large floor rug can warm up the room, both literally and figuratively.

You can add warmth to floor for walking, as well as visual and style warmth. Area rugs are a great décor item for tying a room together and making it look and feel complete, but it can be overwhelming for some, to choose a large area rug. Some people need help in deciding what type of area rug would work best in a home office. How big should it be and what colors should you consider for a home office. Well, there are some tips to help you get started on choosing a large area rug for your home office. Before you go shopping, read the following tips to help make it easier.


Choosing the size of a large area rug can be confusing. You don’t know how large of a rug you want, so here are a few things to consider. The size can depend on how large or small your office is, or if you plan to use it as a functional rug to cover and protect the flooring, or simply as a decorative touch. Determine what purpose it will serve first, then determine how much of the floor you want it to cover.

If it will serve as both decorative and protective purposes, first, look at how your office is set up. Determine which pieces of furniture you want it to lay under and then take your measurements. If it will cover the flooring under your desk, be sure to measure enough area for you to be able to back your chair up without leaving your chair cockeyed. If it will lay between pieces of furniture, take into consideration that you want it to leave room for surrounding pieces of furniture to be able sit straight, or that the furniture won’t bunch the rug.

If the rug will cover a hardwood floor, wall-to-wall, the rule-of-thumb is that you want to leave a border of hardwood around the room. A border of 19-24 inches of hardwood showing, is the recommended size of border. Area rugs over carpeted flooring typically should just be accent pieces and not cover the majority of the floor, as this can be an overwhelming amount of carpet space. It can create an awkward look and feel to the room.

Color choice

Choosing the color depends a lot on your style and color theme in the room. Typically, you will want to choose a solid color of rug if you have upholstered or patterned furniture in your room. For instance, if you have a sofa in the room that is multi-colored, choose a solid color area rug or mostly solid with maybe a hint of a shade in your sofa.

For instance, you could choose a solid-colored area rug that has a border matching a secondary color in your sofa. If you have mostly solid colors in your office, a rug with a pattern and colors that are light, bright and lively to give character to the room, is one way to brighten and open up the office. Use colors from draperies or artwork on the walls to coordinate in your rug. An area rug that showcases colors from other areas and focal points in the room, can really tie everything together for a finished look.

For more ideas, here are 20 beautiful home offices with area rugs for you to view.

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