20 Mudroom Ideas That Will Blow you Away

The term mudroom is often tied to either the laundry room, or it is just off one of the entry ways into the home. Either way, it is a room that is used for so many different things and may even be viewed as  the workhouse room of the home. Not many people put a whole lot of thought into the design or organizational detail for their mudroom, which makes it quite possibly, the most neglected room of any home. But when you see some of the things you can do to your mudroom, you will want to get started redesigning and reorganizing your mudroom so that you can have a highly functional, yet beautifully designed room where you might even consider it the best organized room in the home.

If you have always wanted a better mudroom that made sense and was more practical and functional, here are some tips to help you design a beautiful mudroom that your whole family will appreciate.

1. Functional

Because your mudroom serves many purposes, you want your mudroom to be as functional as possible. So how do you organize it so that it serves you and your family best? First, think about what you will be using your mudroom for. If you are like most people, you come in the house and remove hats, scarves, coats, and shoes and boots. A bench or sitting chair along a wall serves as a place to remove shoes, or put them on. A stylish coat rack is a great place to keep coats and sweaters, scarves and hats.

Shoe cubbies stacked or lined against a wall, keeps shoes out of the walk area, and mud and dirt off the floors. Cabinets and other organizational baskets or cubbies, help to keep items you don’t want displayed or cluttering the room. These, can be built-in, or baskets stacked on shelves. If your mudroom is small, hanging storage baskets are a great way to keep your space free and useable.

2. Brighten the room

Although some mudrooms are fairly good sized, most are one of the smallest rooms in the home. Lighting can make a big difference in a room that is small. or offers little natural light. If there is little natural light, try adding more lighting with a stylish hanging light fixture, a floor lamp or wall sconces when floor space doesn’t allow for floor lamps to brighten the area. Painting the room in a light, airy color helps to brighten small, dark rooms. Light yellows, or shades of blues or greens are popular colors for mudrooms.

3. Flooring

Depending where your mudroom, flooring can make a big difference for helping to keep what you bring in on your shoes, from being tracked into the rest of the house. Brick flooring has become a popular choice for flooring in mudrooms, especially if the mudroom is a separate room from the rest of the home, and not the front entry room as well. Brick helps to release dirt from the bottom of shoes and trap it so that it doesn’t get tracked. Brick flooring is stylish, functional, and easy to maintain.

For more ideas, keep scrolling to see 20 mudroom ideas that will blow you away.

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