10 Alternative Kitchen Styles Not for the Faint of Heart

Most people will probably tell you that the main hub of their home is the kitchen. It’s the main gathering place for family, not only for preparing and eating meals, but for many other activities too, including entertaining guests. Because so much time is spent in the kitchen, most homeowners make the kitchen one of the most important rooms on their list to decorate and make it feel like a room they want to be in.

While many homeowners will stick with safe, neutral design styles, others will take their decorating skills to a whole new level and create funky style kitchens that may leave others speechless. If you aren’t one to step too far out of the norm when it  comes to decorating, you can at least have some fun looking at pictures of kitchens where these homeowners weren’t. Take a look at the following 10 different kitchen styles that aren’t for the faint of heart and see if you feel inspired to put a little “funky” in your kitchen design.

If you see a kitchen that looks like it could be straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, you’re not alone. From the color combinations, to the swirly designs on the front of the bar and cabinets and drawers, to the curves of the partial wall, this is a funky, whimsical kitchen that would be fun to see in person. Red, and multiple shades of gray work well together to create a unique kitchen design that seems to carry into the living area where you see the same shade of red chair next to a modern-style side table.

Black helps to marry these colors together to give the kitchen some balance, and it’s brought in through the barstool stands, the counters, and even the rim of the over-sized clock on the far wall. You may not want this look in your kitchen day-in-and-day-out, but perhaps a basement kitchen would be a great place for this kind of funkiness.

This kitchen screams modern, modern, modern! The black, white and cream color combination alone, tell you this kitchen is a modern design, but for more hints, just look at the sleek, clean lines of the counters, cabinets, and shelves. The floating shelves give the kitchen a very neat, clean look, almost sterile, in fact. The stainless steel half cylinder range hood mounted to the wall over the stove is as sleek as the stainless steel fixture and silver tones of the kitchen flooring. The stunning black wall makes a beautiful statement, acting as the bold contrast color to the cream flat, modern-style cabinets and white retro-style kitchen table. The style of this kitchen may be a little too funky for some, while others may see their dream kitchen in this picture.

While you feel the warmth and welcoming feel of the kitchen the minute you lay eyes on it, when you really start to look at all the kitchen has going on in it, you see how unique it really is. The kitchen just looks open and airy, not only due to the size, but also due to the enormous amount of light that streams in from the glass doors that lead out to a deck, to the sky lights and window off to the side.

A rectangular booth-style table jets out from the island, which in itself, is a different style than you often see. Neutral tones are the main color scheme in this kitchen, which to many, may seem a bit monotonous. But these homeowners chose a great way to add a splash of color into the mix by hanging three beautifully colored globe chandeliers above the island. The look of this kitchen design, to me, is both simplistic, yet funky, which makes it beautifully intriguing.

Take a step back in time and imagine you’re in the middle off thee 50’s era. This is probably something similar to what you might see when you stepped into a drugstore or diner to get a Coke or ice cream float. Using bright retro colors of red and blue, this kitchen boasts beautiful appliances representing the era, along with Coca-Cola bar stools to complete the look and feel of stepping back in time. A set of red doors, opposite of the kitchen bar help to balance the red Coke stools, while a stunning patterned backsplash with hues of blues and greens, neatly tie the kitchen’s color scheme together to create a cohesive color pattern. This may be too bold of a style for you in your kitchen, but it’s fun to look at.

The kitchen in this picture could be likened to something you might see on the old cartoon show, The Jetson’s. It’s modern, yet almost futuristic looking. Electric blue metal and white cabinetry and panels are all throughout the kitchen and the two colors are combine well with the stainless steel built-in appliances and island range, that just-so happens to be circular in design. The island also boasts a small chopping block style counter where you can enjoy a snack or meal while sitting in the modern-style barstools. Whether you love the look of this kitchen, or not, it’s still cool in it’s own, funky way.

There’s just so much going on with this kitchen that it’s hard to know where to start, so let’s start with the floor. The green and black checkered pattern tile floor is definitely a different kind of look – one that you might expect to see in a restaurant or store. But with this color scheme, it somehow works.

The homeowners are not afraid of color, that is obvious, and they use a wide variety of colors, and different shades of the colors, all throughout the room. From the many shades of green, including the large pea green farmhouse sink, to orange, and plenty of black and white. While these are the most noted colors, these homeowners also took the opportunity to use their shortage of storage space to incorporate even more color by displaying their colorful dishware on their open, pipeline shelving unit, which helps to make their funky little kitchen even more colorful.

This kitchen is more unique than funky, really, yet it still might be a little too unique for some. Looking around the kitchen, it’s hard not to notice all the many different shapes going on, from rectangles to squares. The dark, rich colors of the cabinetry and table are beautifully paired with cream tones, which can be mostly seen in the uniquely designed kitchen chairs. Glass cut-outs in the cabinets break up the darkness of the cabinets and help tie the stainless steel appliances into the color scheme. With so many beautiful details going on in the main part of the kitchen, you may have missed the stunning arched ceiling above that’s adorned with bowed wood beams and beautiful hanging lights.

This kitchen is definitely not for the faint at heart. To look at this kitchen, you might think it’s a picture straight out of a travel magazine, perhaps a hotel, or spa resort, due to it’s uniquely rich design and color. This kitchen displays a lot of neutral and bold, contrasting tones. Sleek, clean lines are used all throughout the kitchen.

The bold mustard-colored base of the table functions as both, the base for the large circular wood table top, and a shelving unit. Instead of chairs, in this kitchen you’re seated on cool, black squared stools that resemble large speakers to eat your meals. Above the table, three large tubular-shaped hanging lights can be viewed as both decorative and functional. The decor in this kitchen gives you a Polynesian feel, and might be a bit too funky for some, while others might find it warm and inviting.

This funky style kitchen is a bit on the busy side, from its design, to the color combinations. Together, this look may have some people cringing to think of it being in their home. Take a look at the stools at the far side of the room. I bet some could argue the set of purple and yellow stools resemble a pair of molar teeth, and others might say the stainless steel top, peg legged counter is a bit too sterile and crazy with the wild design all along the backside.

If you look closely, however, you can see that in the midst of the busy pattern, there are six handles, which means there are storage drawers on the backside of this counter. The good thing is, for anyone who eats in this kitchen, if they can’t stomach the design, they can simply train their focus out the windows for a better view.

The kitchen in this picture makes me think a bit romantic and a bit eclectic, I can’t decide. Either way, it’s a bit funky for some. The kitchen cabinets are beautifully designed with glass windows above. Displaying pretty dishware is a great way to use these windows, especially because they’re lighted and really make the dishware one of the focal points of the room.

Several patterns were used in this kitchen design. While one area of the kitchen is tiled with a white diagonal-design for the backsplash, a bolder tile design and color was used behind the range. A third bold pattern was chosen for the booth-style table, and though it may all feel a little busy and funky to some homeowners, the different patterns and colors all somehow work to create a slightly funky, yet beautifully cohesive kitchen.

This modern style kitchen also has some classic looks to it, including the choices of colors used. The mix of neutral and bold colors create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The rich wood bar compliments the stark white counter, as well as the warm tones in the subway tiles. And the neutral toned cabinets bring all the colors together to meet happily in the middle. Clean, straight lines are used throughout the kitchen, including in the unique, rectangular hanging lights above the counter. It’s a very mod look for a kitchen, and some might say too mod. But those who love the neat, clean and uncluttered look of a modern kitchen might tell you it’s just modern enough.

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