20 Prime Examples of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The modern look in homes today has been a growing décor theme and is especially popular with the younger generation. It is a design that is based off of simplistic, more sleek and less cluttered look. There are a lot of geometric shapes used in the décor choices, from furniture, to accent pieces. Even kitchens can have a very modern look, and the kitchen cabinetry is one of the most popular modes of expressing modernism, or, contemporary look and feel. The modern design of cabinetry uses less ornamental appeal, and focuses more on function. Where traditional cabinets are typically made with a type of wood, modern cabinets use an array of materials and combine them to give them a unique look and texture. Some of the most common types of materials used in modern kitchen cabinetry include, laminates, wood, metal, and glass. They are most often flat, without handles, and have no crown molding or raised décor on the wood. If the modern look is what you are planning for your kitchen, then here are some tips for choosing modern cabinetry to complete the look.

Choose your materials

Whether you prefer wood veneer, plastic laminate or metal, you can choose a material that fits well with the scheme of the rests of your décor. For a simple solution to already installed cabinets that you want to change to give them a fresh, more modern look, try removing doors of cabinets and replacing them with frosted glass doors. This is one way to give your cabinetry a whole new and more modern look without removing all of your cabinetry and having all new cabinets installed and keep you on a cheaper budget.

Choose your color

While traditional cabinets are often natural or stained woods, colors are often used in modern kitchen cabinetry. Bold colors are a common scene in modern kitchens and other rooms. Colors that work well for modern cabinets would be, oranges, deep, blood reds, blues, and fluorescent yellows, oranges and greens. These matched with different types of metals, are a great way to create a fresh, airy and simple look for your kitchen. All white cabinets are also a popular choice for modern kitchens.

Details in the cabinetry

Since the contemporary look focuses more on big, bold shapes and edges, you can install cabinetry that features uniquely shaped cubbies for storage, or storing wine bottles. Don’t install trim above the cabinets, as that is a more traditional look, not modern. Choose cabinets that feature big, pullout drawers or multi-layered cabinets, for instance, the top being a wood grained cabinet and the bottom, a frosted glass-faced cabinet. Mix and match materials in your kitchen and your cabinetry.

If you need more inspiration, take a look at the following 20 prime examples of modern kitchen cabinets.

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Image via www.modernrtacabinets.com

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