20 Gorgeous Transitional Style Kitchen Ideas

Transitional design is the combination of two styles, creating a style all its own. When modern and contemporary décor meet, you have an elegant, classy look, without all the fussiness that can get in the way. It’s clean. It’s neat, and the lines are crisp and clear, making your room, and home beautiful, functional and warm and cozy. Transitional décor looks great in any room of the house, and the kitchen is one room that you can really let your style and flare for modern and contemporary design flow freely. So how do you go about designing or re-designing your kitchen into a transitional haven? It’s really not hard, since the options are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Choose your color palette

Colors often used in transitional design are low-keyed and neutral. You don’t want to overstate color in transitional themed rooms since both design types are known for their simplistic looks. Neutral tones of browns, tan, gray, white, along with muted tones of blues and yellows, among others, are workable transitional colors. When choosing the color of your cabinetry, white, gray, or dark colored woods are used, as opposed to light colored oak woods. Other ways to incorporate neutral tones are in countertops and backsplashes. A sleek, black granite countertop paired with a white, subway tiled backsplash is one way to make a transitional style kitchen pop. You can also add splashes of color in many ways; seat cushions, area rugs, a vase of color flowers, or bowl of brightly colored fruit.

2. Mixing and matching creates variety

Mix and match materials and furniture pieces to bring the two designs together. A contemporary style kitchen table paired with modern style kitchen chairs, a unique pie safe, bookshelf or other special piece of furniture, gives the room a personal touch. Mixing décor details adds flair, such as handmade artwork on the walls, or a chalkboard wall with your kids’ drawings. Mix and match other materials when choosing door knobs, brackets, corbels, legs of furniture, doors, and moldings.

3. Lighting

Lighting is important in a kitchen. Hang a uniquely designed modern dining chandelier over your kitchen table, mixed with contemporary style tea lights hanging over the bar. Use natural light from windows with minimal coverage. Many transitional kitchens leave windows unimpeded or with wood blinds. Think, warm and cozy, as opposed to dark and heavy.

There are so many options with transitional décor that it is only up to your imagination as to what you can create. Transitional is a design that anyone can create easily and effortlessly. If you are looking for more ideas, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous transitional kitchen design ideas.

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