20 Different Types of Corner Cabinet Ideas for the Kitchen

Whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling one, you are bound to run into the corner cabinet dilemma. Most kitchen’s have an L-shaped layout which mean at least one corner. What can you do to make the most of this space?

Many older homes have a blind space where two cabinet meet. This often means wasted space in the one room of the home that requires the most storage. How can you resolve this issue in an old kitchen, and how can you come up with creative ways to utilize this space in a new kitchen?

Creating beautiful corner cabinetry that makes the most of the space is vital in the kitchen.

Here are 20 beautiful corner cabinet ideas.

1. Lazy Susan

The most common way that utilizes a kitchen corner is the Lazy Susan. These pie shaped cabinets can be placed above or below the kitchen counter. The Lazy Susan features a central access which the shelves spin from.

Above the counter top, the Lazy Susan is a great place to store boxed or canned food and spices. Below the counter top, the Lazy Susan can contain bulky cooking and storage equipment.

All contents are easily accessible by spinning the shelves. Nothing runs the risk of being stuck in the back of the cabinet where it will be overlooked.

2. Swinging Pullouts

Like the Lazy Susan, swinging pullouts are a great way to optimize a oie shaped corner cabinet’s space where you won’t loose things in the back of the cabinet. Swinging pullouts are shelves that can be pulled out from the cabinet. Anything stored on the shelves is easily accessed. Cookware and cooking accessories can easily be stored in these units and easily accessed.

3. Pull out drawers

Although they won’t completely solve the problem of the blind space corner cabinet, pull out drawers are an easy solution to make the best use of an under the counter corner cabinet.

A couple of drawer systems with tracts can be added inside a cabinet. These drawers can hold heavy cookware or cooking accessories. Pulling out the drawers means no bending and reaching to find the pot you are looking for.

4. Cornered drawers

Cornered drawers are one way to solve the corner cabinet dilemma. They are built into the corner cabinet and pull out from it giving access to items such as cooking utensils. The corner drawers will be divided into small compartments which offers a built in organizational tool.

5. Diagonal Cabinets

Diagonal cabinets are a common solution to the kitchen corner problem. These cabinets can be paneled to blend in with the other kitchen cabinets. They offer a visual break in the cabinetry and can be used to create dimension and as an accent in the kitchen.

The problem is the diagonal cabinet can be difficult to fit into a pre-fab kitchen. They are also smaller than regular sized cabinets. However, diagonal cabinets can be used to store small dishes or even cookbooks. If it is on the larger size, a Lazy Susan or Pull Out Drawers can be installed.

6. Sink Base

A custom designed kitchen may make use of the corner with a cornered sink. The cabinet underneath the sink base can be used to store dish soap, dishwasher detergent, garbage bags and cleaning supplies. These items can be stored well under the corner shaped cabinet.

7. Built in seating

If space allows, a built in seating area can solve the dilemma of the kitchen corner. This is particularly nice if there is a window. Cabinetry is used for storage and a cornered cushion and some pillows can provide a pleasant focal point or a comfortable place for a guest to relax as you prepare dinner.

8. Double door accordion cabinet

A double door that opens like an accordion is a corner cabinet storage solution. Shelving is pie shaped allowing access to either side. This solution provides easy access and deep storage to the corner cabinet.

9. Dead space

Sometimes it is easier to leave dead space in the corner cabinet. The deep set space where the cabinets meet may be difficult to access, but may be the only option. One way to utilize the space is store infrequently used items in bins in the unreachable section. For example, store Christmas baking supplies back there. You only need to reach them once a year.

10. Pantry

A pantry cabinet may fit nicely into the pie shaped corner of the kitchen. The only problem is loosing counter space. However, a floor to ceiling corner cabinet can be accented with wainscot or other trim accents to break up the kitchen corner. The space inside can be used to store pantry goods for easy accessibility.

11. A standard cabinet

A standard cabinet can rest against the corner and still be used for storage. Add to display glasses and dishes. The cabinet works as an accent in the kitchen and can makes a nice centerpiece in the corner of the kitchen above the counter top.

12. Glass corner display cabinet

If you can’t find any space saving solutions for your kitchen corner, you can always add a decorative corner piece above the counter top. Like the standard cabinet, this can be used to display dishes or glasses. While this pie shaped cabinet won’t be large, a glass door can become a focal point in the kitchen and display something special like your favorite wine glasses.

13. Slots

Slots can be created in the kitchen corner and used to store plates. This is a nice solution to the corner cabinet because it opens up the area a bit and creates a distinctive style. Slots utilize the space without making the kitchen look cluttered.

14. Open shelving

Above the counter top, open shelving can be cornered to create a modern, minimalist accent to your kitchen. Display dishes or coffee mugs or your teapot and tea cup. You can display your cannisters of flower and sugar. You can break it up and add some decorative touches.

15. Appliance Garage

An appliance garage is a great way to utilize the corner of the kitchen and reduce clutter. An appliance garage features a lift up door. Store the blender, mixer and toaster inside the “garage” and close the door. This provides easy access to appliances while keeping them hidden and your counter top will be clutter free.

16. Receptacle

If you can’t figure out a solution to your lower corner cabinet space, the space could be used for your trash receptacle. The space is deep so it it will allow for a trash receptacle and a recycling receptacle. It will keep your garbage out of site.

17. Add a portable Lazy Susan

If all else fails and you can’t seem to find a way to use the space of your corner cabinet, you can add portable shelving such as a Lazy Susan. Using a rotating platform in your cabinets allows you access to items. You won’t lose thing that are at the back of the cabinet because you can spin the platform and reach everything.

18. Alternate shelves

An inexpensive solution to using optimal storage in the corner kitchen cabinet is alternating shelves. Placing shelves above and below each other on either side of the cabinet won’t create more storage space, but it will certainly be easier to find the things you are looking for.

19. Hanging racks

If you decide to store pots, pans and lids in a lower corner cabinet, you can add hooks to hang the pots and pans from. This is a great space saving device. You also won’t have to take everything out to find the one sauce pan you are looking for. Lids can be layered on the bottom of the cabinet.

20. Narrow cabinets

One way to utilize small corner cabinets is to create long narrow cabinets underneath the counter. These can be used to store cookie sheets. A slide out can also be added to hang dishtowels from inside these narrow cabinets.

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