20 Bespoke Kitchen Designs To Give you Inspiration

When it comes to personalized, bespoke is the word of choice today. Many designers are using the term bespoke for individualized, custom kitchens and they are some of the most extraordinary kitchens you’ll see. While many builders use cookie-cutter kitchen designs and plans, this can be boring, uninspiring, and most of all, it doesn’t reflect the homeowner’s personal taste or style.

To create a bespoke kitchen, you start from scratch and choose everything that you want to see in your kitchen, all while not using a set of design plans. These are made-to-order kitchens, from flooring, to countertops, cabinetry, appliances, even the lighting. When it comes to bespoke kitchens, there are no two that are just alike. They are as individual as the person creating it.

So how do you go about designing and creating a bespoke kitchen for your home – a kitchen that functions the way you want it to and looks like a kitchen you dreamed up? Here are some tips to help you get started on designing a gorgeous bespoke kitchen that will be personalized and customized by your vision.

1. Cabinetry

The cabinets are one of the biggest focal points of the kitchen. When you picture any kitchen, one of the first things you think about and picture are cabinets. In a bespoke kitchen, stay away from pre-made cabinets and go with custom cabinetry to give your kitchen its individual look and unique style. Custom-ordered cabinets is equivalent to ordering a custom, tailored Italian suit, where you only get the best quality and everything about it is specified just for you.

2. Cabinets

Like the cabinetry, customized is what bespoke is all about. Countertops that are dated, pre-fabbed, and cheap can turn your kitchen into an eyesore and detract from the room and take away from the uniqueness. For beautiful bespoke counters, try designing your kitchen with counters that are free of support brackets to give the look that they are free-floating, or defying gravity. This is a unique, finished and customized look for your counters, and kitchen.

3. Customize for what’s important to you

Think about what you use your kitchen most for. Creating areas in your kitchen specified for what you love to do in your kitchen will make your kitchen unique for you and more functional. For instance, adding special baking appliances for bread baking, a warmer oven, or any other tools and appliances that individualize your kitchen so that it’s tailored to your needs, makes it more unique and more functional. Are you a coffee lover? Why not add a beverage station for making the perfect cup of coffee every morning? Or install an island sink for handy vegetable rinsing?

4. Lighting

Bespoke kitchens aren’t complete without the perfect lighting for all the areas of the kitchen. Beautiful track lighting adds a customized look and feel to the kitchen. Under counter lighting for work stations and beautiful, unique hanging chandeliers over the eating area can really add style and flare that complete a bespoke kitchen.

The kitchen is often the most used room in the home. Everyone gathers in the kitchen for fun, food and entertainment, so why not customize your kitchen the way you want, to create the most functional, inviting kitchen – a place where you and your family will enjoy the time you spend preparing meals together, and being a family?

Take a look at 20 bespoke kitchen designs to give you inspiration.

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