20 of the Most Gorgeous Wall Sconces

A wall sconce is a light fixture that is installed directly on the wall with no floor base and typically aims the light upward, although not always. Since there is no floor base is used, an electric box is typically needed in order for it to function. Sconces come in a wide variety of designs as well as different types of lighting, from candle, gas, torch, and the modern electricity powered sconce. Many people use sconces to light hallways and entry ways where traditional lamps or lighting is not available. 

They are also commonly used on the exterior of buildings and homes. Decorative sconces have grown in popularity over the years, as more people are starting to use them as wall décor as much as they are used for lighting purposes. You can find wall sconces for any type of décor theme. If you’d like to add both style and lighting to areas of your home, you can get some tips on the best places to use sconces and how to choose the right ones for your home.

Hallways and entries

Hallways and entries are not always equipped with the best lighting or designed where floor lamps or table top lighting can easily be set up. Even if there is overhead lighting, it may be too bright or not bright enough, which makes these areas great places to add sconces on your walls. Sconces not only give you additional lighting choices, but they can help create an ambiance for halls and entries when you want just enough lighting to see, but not overly bright and powerful lighting.

Living rooms

Sconces in living rooms are the perfect way to light up parts of the room that natural light or overhead lighting doesn’t reach. Sconces are also a great addition for adding style and décor around the fireplace, a doorway or next to a piece of art.


Why not use sconces on either side of the bed inside of side table lamps. They are the perfect solution for lighting in a small bedroom where floor lamps or night table lamps might create a sense of crowdedness. They are also perfect for darkened corners of a bedroom, or just to add style and design to your bedroom theme.

Dining rooms

Your dining room might be the most dressed up room in the house, so why not dress it up even more with a set of wall sconces hung on either side of a beautiful painting, or a gorgeous china hutch? With so many choices, from modern, artsy, traditional, to extremely elegant, no matter what your style and taste, there are sconces that will fit any décor theme in any room.


Do you always wish you had better lighting around your bathroom mirror? Many times homeowners wish they had just a bit better lighting close to the main mirror for better sight when applying make-up, brushing your hair and just getting ready for the day. Wall sconces are the perfect solution for adding a little more light to a vanity and mirror for better vision in dingy or low-lit bathrooms.

For more wall sconce ideas, here are 20 gorgeous wall sconces to view to help you gain ideas for your own home.

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