10 Types of Bathroom Lighting Ideas

A lot of our time is spent in the bathroom each day. You prepare for the day and end each day in this one room that can easily be dubbed the busiest room in the house. With so many tasks being completed in the bathroom, from applying make-up, shaving, oral care, and so on, there’s obviously a lot riding on having the right lighting. Aside grooming, the bathroom is also used for a personal relaxation getaway for many.

For those that like to retreat to the bathroom to relax in a hot bath or shower, or anything else that is soothing to the mind and body, the lighting for these purposes should differ from the lighting used for tasks purposes. Considering all you use your bathroom for, essentially this means that you will want to have multiple types of lighting in your bathroom in order to get the most out of all you use your bathroom for. If you have never thought about different lighting options for your bathroom, you might want to consider the following ideas to make your bathroom a more functional and enjoyable atmosphere.

There are basically four types of lighting needed for your bathroom, and they are:

  • Task
  • Atmostphere
  • Decorative
  • Accent


Task lighting is just as it sounds. Putting your make-up on, shaving, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, and anything you do that requires the use of a mirror and light is a task, and a task requires good lighting. Many people have a general overhead light that they switch on in the bathroom, or lights that hang directly over the mirrors, however, these are not considered to be good “task” lights. Lighting experts agree that lights that hang directly over a mirror can give distorted light that is not considered good lighting for tasks, especially when it comes to applying make-up. Did you know that lights that reflect on the mirror can actually age a person by about ten years just by the shadows they draw to your face from the reflection off the mirror? Everyone would like to look as young and as good as they can when they look in a mirror, and to do that, instead of lights over the mirror, sconce lighting on either side of the mirror gives you a much better and truer reflection of yourself for those important tasks. Keep in mind that this means recessed lighting over a mirror will create the same poor reflections as wall mounted lights.


For increasing an ambient feeling to the room, filler lights can be added to give the bathroom more lighting options when you aren’t in need in of task lighting, or you want to add an extra bit of light in the room by combining your lighting. Fill lights can be light fixtures that are hung overhead when ceilings are high, or installed along the perimeter of the room. Dimmer switches are great options with any light, especially ambient lights so that you can control the brightness.


Decorative lighting add an extra sparkle to the room. Candles, small counter top lamps, or a unique chandelier that flows with your decor theme hanging over the bathtub, all can be a beautiful way to add a decorative lighting touch and make your bathroom bright and ornamental. Decorative lighting choices can really show off your personal style,and flair, and make your bathroom sparkle.


Accent lighting can be used to frame or accent a favorite piece of wall art you hang in the bathroom, or perhaps you have a beautiful bay window positioned next to your bath where you want to show off a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Accent lighting installed in specific areas to highlight a specific area or decorative accent piece can create the perfect focal point and make it pop. Accent lighting is simply lighting to accentuate what you want to stand out and can add its own sense of ambiance.

When you have the perfect lighting in your bathroom, you will not only view your bathroom as a functional room, but a room you enjoy spending time in for a few extra relaxing moments at the beginning, end, and middle of your stressful day. For more lighting ideas, here are 10 types of lighting ideas for your bathroom.

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