10 Essentials for Your Art Deco Bathroom

Clean shapes and geometric lines are the most recognizable characteristics of art deco. Popularized in France in the 1920s, the art deco movement has since found a revival in modern design, particularly when it comes to interior decorating. Even the addition of art deco pieces in various spaces can radically change the look of an entire room. That’s precisely the kind of effect that art deco has. If you’ve been thinking about restyling your bathroom to have more of art deco flair, you need to have these 10 essentials to get you started.

1. Art Noveau-style walls

If only your walls could talk, they’d tell you they need an update. There’s nothing like making a statement in a room by having art on the walls, and art in this case is not a framed photo or art. Tiling in itself can be a piece of art, but fortunately you need not to get frustrated about the work that comes with it. Today, you can find luxurious wallpaper with Art Noveau-style print on it for easy application. Think geometric shapes or even fancy tiles on print. The options are nearly endless here, but imagine what a 20s bathroom would look like. That would be a good place to begin.

2. Brass or gold fixtures

Opulence is one of the marks of art deco, and there’s nothing wrong with your bathroom fixtures being fashionably opulent. While chrome and matte silver finishes are normal in modern times, opt instead for brilliant brass or gold. You’ll soon find that such a simple change can add luxury like no other.

3. Clawfoot tub

Perhaps it’s an indulgence that not everyone can afford. But if you have the space or the budget for a clawfoot tub, you’ll have a standout bathroom feature for the perfect art deco bathroom. Clawfoot tubs were a popular trend during the art deco era, and you’d be remiss not to have one. It also happens to be an incredible feature if you happen to like taking baths. With a clawfoot tub, you’ll be bathing in style and possibly bathing even more.

4. Fancy chandelier

Who’s to say that you can’t have a fancy art deco-style chandelier in your bathroom? In fact it’s probably the epitome of 20s extravagance, and chandeliers just so happen to look marvelous in a small space. Of course, you’d have to get the appropriately sized chandelier for your bathroom size, but think of how it would change the way your bathroom looks. You can replace dull fluorescent lights with warm lights and shining crystals instead. The difference would be hard to miss.

5. Geometric mirror

It’s something that you probably look into every single day—your bathroom mirror. Replacing it with something other than a box-shaped looking glass will make all the difference in your art deco bathroom. Geometric-shaped mirrors are an easy change to make, and they’ll add so much more character in your bathroom space. If you’re looking for a quick change off the bat, changing your mirror should be it.

6. Marble counters

Marble is an art deco essential, but it isn’t always readily available. If you don’t already have marbled walls, you can possibly do a marble addition with a countertop. However, there is a much easier fix, especially if you’re short on budget. You can change the way your countertop looks by using peel and stick marble countertops. They are easy to use and affordable. Most of all, they’re temporary. If you fancy another look after a while, just peel away and start from scratch. You can definitely do this on your walls and other bathroom surfaces too.

7. Black vanity

Many art deco rooms utilize black as the foundation color. Black against gold details are stunning to look at, and if you can have one black item in your bathroom it should be your vanity. It’ll give your art deco bathroom a brilliant focal point. However, don’t just opt for any black vanity. Look for delicate pieces that are more reminiscent of the style. Bonus points if your vanity matches your mirror somehow.

8. Wall sconces

Not only will these light your bathroom and vanity better; wall sconces will also add style and charm to your art deco bathroom. Most art deco sconces are geometric in nature. They have clean lines and are elegant. If you can find sconces to go with your bathroom chandelier, it will be even better. Make sure to use warm bulbs to maintain the warm ambiance of your bathroom. You wouldn’t want the clinical feel of bright light bulbs when you’re enjoying your bath in your clawfoot tub.

9. Crystal knobs

It’s easy to forget doorknobs in styling a room, but they’re the first things you actually touch upon entering any room. Having crystal doorknobs will add an easy touch of art deco glamour to your bathroom. But don’t forget your cabinet fixtures either—if you have cabinets. Crystal will do just as well for these. Even the slightest attention to details like changing your knobs can add a tremendous impact to the overall look of your bathroom.

10. Mosaic floor tiles

Perhaps changing your floor tiles might require the most work, but it’ll also make the biggest difference. Eye-popping mosaic tiles add much character to any room—let alone your bathroom space. You can very well choose to go with the existing color scheme of your bathroom, or you can go with the typical art deco colors such as black, gold, gray, and/or white. Per usual art deco style, you’d want geometric designs as much as possible. Fortunately, you can find easy peel-and-stick floor tiles as a quick solution if you have neither time or budget for the real thing. You’d be surprised as to how well such a temporary fix actually works.

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