Five Minecraft Bathroom Designs for Inspiration

Minecraft is a popular video game that kids enjoy playing, as well as some adults. Building a bathroom with a Minecraft inspiration can add a unique element to your home and it will thrill the younger members of your household. We’ve looked at several design inspirations from the game to find some of the coolest Minecraft bathroom layouts. We’ve selected some of the best Minecraft design inspirations that have been shared by avid players who take their interior decor seriously. Our goal was to identify some great ideas that are do-able in the virtual environment as well as in real life. Whether you’re creating the new design trend in your game, it turning it into a reality for your home, here are five Minecraft design ideas for inspiration.

5. Clear blocks for an enclosed shower

This bathroom was created by using clear shower enclosure blocks that you can find at any of the larger home improvement stores. You can create your own Minecraft design by leaving a few of the blocks open. Use the same clear and white enclosure blocks to add a bit more of the Minecraft environment in a small stub wall to separate the sink or cabinet from the rest of the room. You can incorporate this theme around the toilet as well, depending on the layout of your bathroom. It uses bathroom furniture that is square with ideas borrowed from the Minecraft Universe.

4. Minecraft cubed shelving

This design idea is not that difficult to introduce to your home bathroom decor if you’re handy with do-it-yourself projects. Simply adding a system of shelving that employs the use of cubes for storing towels, other linens and bathroom supplies creates the same kind of environment that you would find in the game. This design relies heavily on the use of grays, blues and white to keep the cool mood in the bathroom. It shows how you can use a few simple elements to transform your bathroom decor. Try to keep the bathroom furniture you select as square and blocky as possible for even greater effects.

3. Square tub and accessories

This design is quintessentially Minecraft and it can easily be accomplished with the use of a few simple design elements that you can put together from a variety of retail home improvement stores. The more square the tub enclosure, the better. Add a square block of soap on the side of the tub, and a square bath mat with any kind of block design. Add a few square cubes to the corner for an extra Minecraft influence. Choose bath tile for the walls that are either square or rectangular. Keep the lines angular for the best effects. This example shows how you can take the basic format of a Minecraft design with the tub, and furnishings, then take it over the top with a few simple, yet functional accessories. It doesn’t take much once you have the basics installed. Notice the design on the floor tile? There are quite a few options for floor tile or linoleum that can really spice up the look of your bathroom while maintaining consistency with the overall theme.

2. Column-style bathroom decor

In this design layout, we see the use of columns to achieve a distinctly Minecraft influence. This is something that a do-it-yourself could easily achieve. There are quite a few options for stylish wall covering materials that you can employ to create a series of columns in the corners. This design uses grays, whites and blacks with the tiles used to make a column effect. This is a great design to build your virtual bathroom if you’re playing the game, but it’s also one that would look really cool in your home bathroom. It has a futuristic aesthetic. The square plant box in the corner also adds some interesting lines for the overall look of the room, and it adds a bit of color and variety to the monochromatic theme of the bathroom. This is a layout that requires a moderate to large area if you’re creating a real home bathroom, or a mansion in the game, but it’s one that is worth considering. Wouldn’t it be great to build this bathroom in the game first, then apply it to your house bathroom?

1. Minecraft Sink, Wall and Floor Design ideas

We loved this design for sinks and walls to achieve the whole Minecraft aesthetic. When you’re playing the game, it’s one of the more common designs, but when you apply it to your home bathroom, it creates an exciting environment for the house. The use of large inset tiles with beveled edges gives you a real 3D feeling of depth.

Moving to the sink layout, The rectangular cabinet design is brilliant and functional. Although hand-washing isn’t that necessary for the game, it certainly has become an essential habit in real life. We like the use of lighter tan colored walls and flooring with a darker sink cabinet with a Walnut finish. It adds a great contrast for the overall scheme of the room.

This is our favorite Minecraft design because of the large tiles that create the sense of a larger space, even if the bathroom isn’t that large. You can use these ideas to create a variety of different styles. A few well-placed wall accessories can further enhance the overall look of the room. This design features rectangular wall sconces with square shaped pictures. You can even implement the use of blocked tile designs to complete the look. This is a versatile design that is fit for any Minecraft bathroom whether it’s virtual or applied to the home environment you use every day.

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