10 Reasons You Should Consider Cabinets to Go for Your Kitchen Cabinet Design

One of the most challenging indoor projects there is will be redesigning your kitchen. This is especially true for people who live in smaller homes or who have a small kitchen. Every square inch of space is critical, and kitchen cabinet space will be at a premium. Choosing Cabinets-to-Go as your first choice in cabinet design is obvious once you know the following facts.

1. There is a wide choice of designs to choose from.

Popping on to their website, you can start with selecting one of their 3 major design categories) Modern, Shaker, or Raised Panel. Go down another level and you have almost 20 different patterns and motifs to choose from. You will find something that fits both your personal taste and budget.

2. Color assortment

You don’t have to stay pat with the traditional black and white cabinet color choices, though they are available. When you discuss your needs and personal preferences with Cabinets-to-Go you will get a recommendation that will color coordinate with the other elements of your kitchen.

3. You will have access to a local designer

Though you can shop online, Cabinets-to-Go collaborates with local designers in your area to give you the maximum personal touch you may not be able to get even when buying from a local store. They will answer your questions, but likely will also have a few of their own for you!

4. Personalized service

We just mentioned the local advantage you get, but Cabinets-to-Go has a number of contact options to fully answer all your questions and give you the best information possible before moving forward. They can be contacted by telephone or email 12 hours every weekday and 8 hours on Saturday.

5. Financing

There is no sense in you remodeling your kitchen using subpar materials that will force you to start fixing things up 2 or 3 years from now. One of the biggest reasons homeowners settle for second or third best is money. Cabinets-to-Go offers a number of financing options tiered to your financial needs.

6. See how it is done

Cabinets-to-Go has a library of instructional videos that show you step-by-step how to install everything from a two Drawer Base Cabinet to a Kitchen Island. You can view them before you decide what to buy, so when your cabinets arrive you can immediately begin installing them. And if you have any problems along the way the website is there for immediate help.

7. Online specials

Who doesn’t like to save money? Stop in online and visit their website to see what the current specials are and how you can save money. Because Cabinets-to-Go is online you don’t have to visit a store or deal with high pressure salespeople. When you’re ready to go, they are ready to assist you from start to finish.

8. An array of kitchen countertops

No one who plans on replacing their cabinets will ignore the kitchen countertops. Not only will the décor have to match, but redesigning a kitchen requires a top to bottom approach. Browsing through the wide number of materials and styles will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

9. XRP and Robusto

The bottom of kitchen design always ends with the floor. Not everyone wants a wood kitchen floor, though they are beautiful. That is why Cabinets-to-Go offers the real wood Robusto brand flooring and the XRP waterproof flooring that holds up well while still looking beautiful. Either way, you will have a kitchen floor that is both practical and enhances your décor.

10. Guaranteed products and quality

Cabinets-to-Go delivers to your door and any delivery you are not 100% satisfied with will be immediately resolved to your satisfaction. This means that instead of being rushed through a process to “sign and go” the company will give you the time you need to inspect everything and ensure every piece is in order.

Virtually every company that sells a product sells online. Cabinets-to-Go uses their website to give potential customers the ability to look before they shop, and try before they buy. It is the ideal situation when you know what you want and still have a local designer available to discuss those 50 questions you can’t find the answers to yourself. Cabinets-to-Go is a simple solution for the challenging work to redesign your kitchen and cabinets.

And just for good measure, here’s a gallery of some of their work:

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