20 Kitchens With Unique Color Combinations

The most visited room in the home is the kitchen. It functions as a multi-purpose room for the family, really. Beyond preparing and eating meals, the kitchen is used for many other purposes, paying bills, working on the computer, arts and crafts, homework, whatever tasks you need to complete, many are done in the kitchen. You want your kitchen to appear neat and tidy, but you also want it stylish and inspiring. Often, kitchens can look and feel too sterile or boring if walls are left a chalky white, especially when they are pitted against white trim, white cabinetry, maybe even white floor tiles.

There’s nothing like brightening and giving it a facelift by adding some color. But how much color do you add, and can you mix and match colors to create a unique color combo? The answer is yes, you can mix and match colors to give your kitchen a distinct look. And as far as how much color should you add, that’s really up to you and what look you are going for. To help you with color choices, keep reading to learn a few good tips on how to choose the right color combos and get some ideas for your kitchen.

Determine the feel you want from your kitchen

The first step in choosing your color palette, is to determine the not only the look you want to achieve, but the feeling you want when you’re in the room. Do you want strong and bold, soft and subtle, warm, or nature and outdoorsy? Colors evoke feelings, therefor, deciding what you want to feel when walk into, and work in your kitchen will help lead you towards the perfect color scheme.

Do your cabinets have to stay? Color coordinate around them

If doing a total makeover is out of your budget and your honey, white, or walnut cabinets have to stay, build your color scheme around them. Choose colors that work with fixtures you already have and cannot change; like cabinets, appliances, countertops, tables and chair colors, etc.

Bold colors 

Kitchens don’t have to be the traditional, sanitary white like many people envision them to be. Today’s colors in the kitchen are also bold and beautiful and you can go as bold as you want. When it comes to bold colors, you may want to choose two to work with, or mix a combination of three bold colors. The key to using bold colors is to have one intense color, a mid-tone, and a softer tone. For instance, a bold red would be the intense choice, a hue of blue, the mid-tone, and a shade of yellow as the soft accent. Use the colors in different areas of the kitchen, for example, red cabinets against a warm yellow wall, combined with an Italian blue island. Tie the three colors together in by creating a decorative backsplash that boast all three color choices.

Color combos in cabinetry and other areas

If you don’t have much wall space to get much color coverage, you can still give your kitchen a unique color combination look by installing contrasting colored cabinetry. Gray cabinets for the upper layer, and blue for your bottom give your kitchen a unique color combo look. Include your ceiling when painting color combinations. Certain colors on the ceiling can give the effect of a higher ceiling if your kitchen is small, or has a low-hanging ceiling. Trim is another way to adjoin color combinations, or add pieces of furniture that has brilliant colors and offsets walls or cabinets.

For more ideas, take a look at the following 20 kitchens with unique color combinations to inspire your kitchen makeover.

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