20 Beautiful Wood Patio Ideas

The patio or deck is an extension of your home into the natural beauty of your yard. Patios have been incorporated into homes for centuries. The space is used for relaxing and entertaining. It can be open or provide shade. It can incorporate your grille, a fireplace, a pool or a hot tub. Wooden patios bridge your home with nature. A wooden patio can be modern or rustic. There are many beautiful options when designing a wood patio.

Types of wood used

Redwood makes a beautiful wood deck. It looks nice. It’s stable and won’t warp. Although it must be periodically sealed, Redwood doesn’t contain resins so it retains its finish well. The only problem with using redwood for a deck is that it can be expensive. The best redwood is old growth (trees that are 100 to 250 years old) and supplies are dwindling.

Cedar is a good option for deck wood. It’s soft and pliable. It’s naturally resistant to insects and rotting. However, it can splinter and old growth trees have the most desired wood, but supplies are dwindling. Cedar makes a nice deck accessory like a balustrade for the railing, privacy fences, pergolas and built in planters.

Pressure treated lumber holds up well, won’t rot, is insect resistant, and is available. Mills treat the lumbers to repel water. It is often pre-stained. However, it can shrink, twist and warp. Other woods used in wooden patios include long lasting yet costly mahogany, durable teak, and natural hardwood Ipe.

Clean lines or mix and match

Wood patterns look beautiful no matter what direction they run. Some nine patios use clean lines that lengthen the look of the area. Some add mix and match shapes and stains to accentuate certain areas of the patio. The edges of the wood patio can look good perpendicular or rounded. Not only mixing the tones and shapes of the woods makes a patio unique, but adding contrasting accents can make your wooden patio unique. A painted or iron railing, for example, creates a focal point. Adding brick accents like a fire pit will stand out in a wooden patio.

Seating areas and tiers

A wood patio is inviting when there are different seating areas. Separate areas with conversational seating help open the patio to entertaining. An area for lounging can be private and relaxing. A separate dining area adds a nice touch. A separate area for grilling and presenting food is nice. Of course, a fire pit in the center of a conversation area is a must. Built in planters and even built in seating can help casually separate the areas of your patio. Tiers also add depth and style to a wooden patio. They compliment the wood grains and add depth to the area. Tiers help create more room in a smaller back yard and help make the deck look larger. Tiers also help the flow of the deck from the home into the yard.


Using wood for the backyard patio is the obvious choice to keep a rustic feeling to your home and yard. Consider using pine wood in pillars to create the feeling you are in a log cabin. An overhanging deck is a dramatic way to draw your deck into your yard. The deck will blend in with the trees. You can even build a tree house type of deck and enjoy nature’s views.


The wooden patio off a modern home should compliment the house’s architecture. Using mixed materials and keeping edges straight will give the wooden deck a modern feeling. Keeping the space simple and sleek will create a nice illusion and will keep up the modern look as your home meets your yard.

Rooftop or terrace

In the city, you’ll want to be outdoors as much as possible. With a terrace or a rooftop patio, wood can help you feel like you’re in the country. Bring nature into the city with a wooden deck as you enjoy the views when relaxing or entertaining.

Pool or hot tub

If you have a pool or hot tub, you’ll love the look of a wooden deck. The pool or hot tub can even be built into the deck. The wooden deck can be wrapped around the shape of the pool. You can even add a built in koi pond within your wooden patio. This will create a tranquil spot to relax and enjoy your morning coffee.

Beach or Lakeside

If your lucky enough to have a body of water running through your back yard, a wooden patio will help bridge your home to the water. It creates the perfect spot to lounge in the sun. It helps create a great place to entertain.

Privacy or shade

Wooden patios can be open, but they can also provide a private place to enjoy the outdoors. A wooden privacy fence will keep your patio peaceful and quite as you dine with friends or lounge in the fresh air. You can also add a pergola for shade. Wooden lattice is a nice touch, and you can incorporate vined plants and flowers to blend with the natural surroundings.


If you have a wooden deck you can use wooden steps in a variety of ways. Steps can tier seamlessly from tier to tier or into the back yard. Wooden steps leading from the wooden patio will add depth and character to your beautiful outdoor space.

Here are 20 beautiful wood patio ideas:

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