20 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas Perfect For Being on a Budget

The minimalist design is basically as what you would imagine, it is living with minimal things, a simplistic design style with neat, clean, and uncluttered spaces. Although the minimalist design is all about the idea that less-is-more, it is also about spending less, too. It is keeping with a design theme, but without having to spend a lot of money by not getting caught up in the consumerism of spending big bucks on their décor items.

Bedrooms are a great place to incorporate the minimalist décor theme, as we most often think of our bedrooms as serene and peaceful – the opposite of cluttered. This makes it the perfect place for minimizing what you pack in the room, in order to maximize the feeling you get of less-is-more. If you are a fan of the minimalist movement, the look, and the idea of spending less to achieve it, here are some great ideas for creating this look for your bedroom without having to spend a lot.

Choose your colors

Typically, minimalists keep their color schemes simple and non-obtrusive. Rather than bright or bold colors, soft pastels, white, neutral tones and basic colors are used on the walls, and throughout the room, although basic colors of black, red, and grays are considered minimalistic colors. One idea is to paint the walls a soft tan, pale pastel color, or just keep it white then set of black bookshelves against the wall would accentuate the look.

Or, paint one wall a deep red and use the black night tables on either side of the bed and dressed with a pair of simple yet stylish white lamps on each. This is a traditional minimalist idea. Bedspreads are typically neutral tones, or solid colors and are either donned with one or two throw pillows, or none at all. On a budget, keeping your walls white helps save on paint color, or paint one wall a neutral tone to give the room a focal point. The wall behind the bed is one way to add a hint of soft color.

Choose minimalistic furniture pieces

Does a big, chunky piece of furniture sound minimalistic to you? No, and chunky, bulky furniture is not considered minimalistic. If you are trying to achieve this look for your bedroom, simple pieces of furniture that are understated, as opposed to overly ornate or designed with bulky legs that consume a lot of space, is preferred. For instance, a bed with simple legs that opens up the space underneath, is a minimalistic look.

One of the most popular styles of legs for minimalistic beds, today, are the hairpin legs which give you visual square footage under the bed, showing open space around the furniture piece.. Platform beds are simple in style and construction, and are considered to be minimalistic styled beds. Typically, the more ornate and decorative, the more expensive furniture can get. Keeping the cost down means finding pieces that aren’t expensive, yet stick to the design theme of the room. Small night stands with simple leg structures can be found in all budgets, as well as other pieces.

Minimalist decorative additions

Other things you can include in your new minimalist bedroom on a budget would include, a simple full-length mirror that you lean against a wall. This will not only help to magnify the light and beauty of the room, but it’s functional for getting ready every morning. It also helps to increase the look and feel of space in your room. A few inexpensive green plants set around the room is a very minimalistic look.

For more ways to create a minimalistic bedroom without spending a lot, look at these 20 minimalist bedroom ideas perfect for being on a budget pics.

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