20 Bedroom Benches That Blend in Beautifully

You spend a great deal of time in your bedroom everyday, and it should be a room that is not only functional, but a beautiful room that reflects your style and taste. One way to help accomplish both is by decorating it so that it has functional pieces that also act as focal points to the room. One piece of furniture that can easily fit both bills is a bedroom bench. Bedroom benches are handy pieces of furniture that make the time you spend getting dressed and undressed, a lot easier.

They can also help you with storage space, not only on top of the bench, but if you choose one that has added storage space underneath or inside, then you are giving yourself a little extra bonus for helping to keep your room neat and organized. Choosing the right bench can really add to your room, make  your bed look like a masterpiece, and add a sense of coziness to the room. Here are a few ideas on bedroom benches and how to choose one that blends right into your room decor.

Your style of bed

When shopping for a bedroom bench, one thing you will want to take into consideration is the style of your bed. Since not all bedroom suites come with a bench, you may have to shop for a bench on your own from other sources than where you purchased your bed. You can find benches that come in an array of shapes, styles heights, colors, sizes, and more.

One way to help keep the flow of your bedroom decor is to try to find a bench that flows with your bed’s style, for instance, if you have a tall canopy bed, a bench designed with a high back may blend in better and look more aesthetic at the foot of the bed as opposed to a low-to-the-ground bench that leaves a lot of empty vertical space between the bed and bench. Sleigh beds are another popular style of bed, and you can find a bench that blends in with the sleigh style look. A bench with sleigh style arms is a great way to keep the flow moving from the head of your bed, to the very end.

Coordinate with your head and foot board

Headboards are another element often used as a decor flow-guide when choosing a bedroom bench. Headboards can be found in many different designs and styles and they’re a great way to help coordinate a bench for your bedroom. Plush headboards are stylish and elegant, and finding a bench that offers the same plush look can help keep the bedroom’s look cohesive and appealing. You can choose from a plush bench seat that coordinates in way of material, pattern, color or other elemental options.

Coordinate your bench with other bedroom furniture pieces

Your bedroom furniture may differ in design style from that of your bed, but it still works together to create a beautiful, and design-coordinated room. To keep the decor of your bedroom flowing smoothly, choose a bench that blends in with the design of the other pieces of your bedroom furniture, whether it’s modern, country chic, industrial style, mid-century, traditional, or something else, choose a bench that blends with the design elements to keep the blending cohesive and seamless.

If you’re looking for more ideas on bedroom benches that work with your bedroom design style, take a look at the following 20 bedroom benches that blend in beautifully with different design styles.

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