20 Gorgeous Master Bedrooms with Sitting Areas

Your master bedroom is not just a room you sleep and get dressed everyday. It is your sanctuary away from the world, and the one place you can retreat from the cares and worries of the day. When you think about all you use your bedroom for, creating a beautiful, functional and comfortable oasis should be the goal. Many people dream of being able to spend more time in their room relaxing at any time of the day, especially in the evenings before they retire to bed for a night’s sleep. If you’re one who loves the idea of being able to kick back and read a with a nightcap or cup of coffee before bed, or maybe just to sit and talk with your spouse about the day before crawling into bed, a sitting area in your bedroom would be the perfect addition to make your room more functional and intimate. Sitting areas are quaint and inviting and they can really add character to your room. Your bedroom doesn’t even have to be a large room in order to create a small sitting area that opens up options for what you use it for. We have some tips on how you can create a beautiful sitting area in your master bedroom to help you get some ideas.

Choose the area of your room

Mapping out your room is the best place to start when it comes to designing a sitting area. Take a close look around your room and map out your furniture layout before you start to place furniture in the room. Look for the most ideal space for a sitting area, possibly a nook near a window, a corner of the room that could benefit from a cozy chair and table, or maybe it would work at the foot of your bed where there’s a larger open space. Many times, a quaint little loveseat nestled at the foot of the bed is a perfect sitting area, especially if there is space enough for a little table or chest to make the area complete.

Choose your bedroom furniture

While some bedrooms are designed with pre-cut areas for creating a sitting area, other bedrooms are shaped in a typical, four-wall bedroom dimension shape with average square footage. These can be the trickier rooms to work with, however, if you choose your bedroom furniture according to the size and shape of your room, this will help to allow for adding the perfect pieces to create a sitting area. For smaller bedrooms, choosing a full or queen-sized bedroom suite as opposed to a king leaves more floor space for adding a piece or two, or more, for a sitting area. If the room is small, choosing smaller chairs along with a small side or coffee table can eliminate the problem of overcrowding your room. Additional lighting for the sitting area adds ambiance and adds function for the space. Corner sitting areas may be able to accommodate a corner floor lamp, or you might opt to hang a wall sconce on a wall by your sitting area. A small hanging chandelier over a table is also a nice option for bigger spaces where there is a clear separation of areas in the room.

Add accessories to warm the sitting area

If you’re going to for a cozy sitting area to spend time relaxing, accessories can really help tie the sitting area together and create a warm and inviting look and appeal. A cozy throw rug under the area helps give the sitting area a purpose and distinction from the rest of the room. A beautiful throw over the chair is the perfect accent for visual appeal, plus it’s functional. There’s nothing better than snuggling under a plush throw on a chilly night with a good book and cup of hot cocoa or coffee. If your sitting area allows for other accessories, consider a comfy ottoman or foot stool for kicking back and getting comfortable, and other ideas include a few throw pillows on the chairs or loveseat, along with other decorative pieces that can add to the intimacy of the setting.

For more ideas, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous master bedrooms with sitting areas and start planning your own sitting area for your master bedroom.

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