The Key Characteristics of a Thai Style Bedroom

If you want to introduce a sense of calm and serenity into your home, go east. Thai inspired interior design is guaranteed to turn your home into a beacon of peace and harmony, providing the ideal refuge from the frantic pace of modern life. If you’re not sure whether you want to turn your whole house over to an Asian theme, a great place to add a touch of eastern magic is the bedroom (after all, where better to introduce a slice of serenity than your sleeping quarters?) While it’s surprisingly easy to adapt any space to suit a Thai style, its also easy to go overboard… a few too many additions and you’ll soon go from paradise to parody. Fortunately, help is on hand… to guide you through the process, we’ve put together a list of the keys considerations to bear in mind when creating your Thai style bedroom.

A Neutral Backdrop

Color has its place in Thai interiors, but when it comes to the main backdrop, choose a neutral color scheme over anything too lurid or bright. The vibe you’re trying to create is relaxed and laid back, so keep things gentle and soothing with some soft creams, dreamy pale blues, dove greys, or even just a simple (but classic) white. Once you’ve got the backdrop sorted, you can start to think about introducing some vibrant accents. Luxurious purples, cheery-blossom pinks, and lively reds are all keys cornerstones of the Thai color palette and will contrast beautifully against the otherwise neutral backdrop. Black also has its place in Thai interiors, and if done carefully (or in other words, subtly) it’ll help imbue a sense of dramatic glamour when combined with the creams and naturals seen elsewhere. If you really want to step things up a gear, add a few gold elements to introduce a touch of sophisticated opulence.

Water Features

If the aim of Thai interior design is to create an air of calm tranquility, then what could be a better of achieving that than with a water feature? Before you panic, we’re not suggesting you go overboard and turn your bedroom into a pond, but a small, contained water feature will do wonders at creating a calming, harmonious atmosphere, while also providing a great focal point for the room. Aquariums and vertical fountains can also be used to good effect. As an added bonus, the sound of soothing, trickling water will do wonders at helping lull you to sleep.

Sculptural Lighting

As Decoist notes, lighting is vital to setting the tone of a room and can make or break your vision like nothing else. For a stylish take on Thai design, keep things elegant with a sculptural light installation, traditional with a few hanging paper lanterns, and romantic with a clutch of candles (all the better if they’re fragranced with something slightly exotic and mystical).

Show Off your Green Credentials

If you’re an eco-warrior in the making, Thai inspired interior design is your perfect match. Eastern cultures are known for their love of natural, sustainable materials, and their predilection for bringing a sense of the outdoors inside. Plants are a must (try to vary their scale as much as possible by introducing some large, floor to ceiling examples along with some smaller greens with enough interesting foliage to draw the eye). Flowers are also crucial: whether you choose decorative stalks of bamboo, statuesque orchids or some very on-point lotuses, flowers will add a true taste of Thailand to your bedroom. If you prefer potted flowering plants than cut flowers, ficus, difenbahii and hydrangeas can also be used to good effect, especially when planted in a decorative, colorful, ceramic planter.

Keep It Wooden

Wood furniture is huge in Thailand and stretches from everything from bamboo to teak. A large bed in polished teak will make a great centerpiece for your bedroom- look for something ornately carved if you want to go for a more authentic finish, or keep things sleek for a more modern, contemporary vibe. If you can, raise the bed up on a platform- multi-platformed spaces are a big feature in Thai design and will make great strides in given that Asian inspired feel. To enhance the look even further, add a silk runner to the end of the bed. A few small tables for decorative items, lamps or candles are a great way to continue the teak theme, as is a low-slung chair upholstered in a rich, beautifully patterned fabric.

Explore the Senses

A Thai- inspired bedroom is about much more than just furniture… to really bring a taste of Thailand to your sleeping area, ramp up the Asian factor by creating an entire sensory experience. Look for scented candles and incense in authentic fragrances such as sandalwood, lang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, sage, and rose … you’ll be amazed at the power of a simple scent to transport you to far-flung places (in your mind, at least!)

The Devil’s in the Details

Don’t underestimate the importance of the details when it comes to creating your Thai inspired bedroom. Bells, amulets, decorative dragons, buddha statues… unleash your imagination by getting creative with the decorations, as they really can go a long way to achieving the desired aesthetic.

Have Fun with Fabrics

Fabrics are everywhere in Thai homes and are usually richly and vibrantly patterned with flowers, animals, and exotica. A silk runner along the edge of a bed, along with some decorative cushions on an easy chair, and even some drapes around the bed will add a sense of intimate luxury… especially if you stick with the softest silks for your choice of material.

To Everything a Purpose

Thai design might have many decorative features, but functionality is also key to the design philosophy. Try to avoid cluttering the bedroom with too many pieces of furniture; the bed should be the focal point of the room- when choosing any other furniture to add to the mix, make sure it has utility, and avoid adding anything that’s not strictly necessary.

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