The Characteristics That Define a Thai Style Home

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People use various sources for inspiration when choosing the interior décor for their home. For some people, it is just about color schemes, while for others it is about recreating the style of a specific era. Another source of inspiration is locations around the world, as people pick up design ideas during their travels, or they simply like the interior design style associated with certain locations.

One interior design style that is popular is Thai design. Even those who have never visited the country can appreciate the beauty of the landscapes, the vibrancy of its cities, and the diversity of the culture. This can then inspire them to recreate the Thai style in one or more rooms in their own home. If you want to apply this interior design style to your home, then the following are the key characteristics that define a Thai style home.

What is a Thai Style Home?

A Thai Style home is one that takes inspiration from the culture and landscape of Thailand, along with the design ideas of this country. Thai style homes are influenced by many aspects of this country’s history and religious beliefs. The style is also influenced by many aspects of the cultures in neighboring Asian countries. This means that Thai style homes are as diverse as the culture of Thailand and that you can apply the style in many ways to reflect your own personality.

There are actually two interpretations of the Thai style home; the traditional and the modern. The traditional look makes greater use of color and ornate features to create a warm look, while the modern Thai style is more about creating a zen-like space that is calm and relaxing.

It is also possible to combine these two interpretations, says Home Designing, taking elements of each to create a calm space that features interesting features and splashes of color. A common theme running through both styles is the use of natural materials and bringing elements of the outdoors into the interior of your home.

Architectural Features

Traditionally, Thai homes are made from wood and bamboo, so this is an important element of the architectural features of a Thai home. While homes in many other parts of the world are built using brick, stone, and cement, it is still possible to incorporate the wood to the interior of your home to recreate the Thai style. Large windows and doors are also important in Thai design as they let in light, keep the rooms cool, bring the outdoors in, and create a sense of space. The large windows are also an important element of bringing the outside in and connecting with nature.


According to the Bangkok Post, the materials used in Thai homes are natural materials that are light and absorb little heat. They do not use heavy materials, such as bricks and concrete as these absorb heat, which is not good in a Thai climate. For this reason, the predominant materials used in Thai homes are wood and bamboo. You will find wood and bamboo in everything from the main structure to the interior walls, and from the flooring to the furniture. You will also see accessories made from these materials. Natural fabrics are also used for the soft furnishings and for decorative pieces, such as wall hangings.


The color palette for a Thai style home is varied, and your color choices may depend on how you wish to interpret the theme, says Futurist Architecture. If you have opted for the traditional look, then rich colors are used to create a bold look. Red is one of the most important colors, although you can add any jewel colors with this theme. Touches of gold and bronze add to the ornate style if you have gone down the traditional route. If you have opted for the modern approach to Thai style, then the walls are usually painted white to create a zen space that is calm and relaxing. Touches of color are added using accessories and plants.


Wood is always used for the flooring in Thai style homes. This is both a practical option and one which is aesthetically pleasing. If your floorboards are in good condition, then you can sand them to get a smooth finish. You can then either stain them to a different shade or simply varnish them for protection. Even if your floorboards are not in good condition, this does not mean that you must rule out wooden flooring as an option, as there are some fantastic wood flooring products that you can lay over your existing floor. Adding rugs is appropriate for both the traditional look and the modern Thai style. There are even some good-quality laminate floors with a wood appearance if you have a limited budget.


The modern Thai look does not really use patterns as the style is about clean lines, space, and calm, However, the traditional Thai look makes use of patterns in many aspects of interior design. Both geometric patterns and patterns inspired by nature are used in Thai interior décor. Patterns are often used on soft furnishings, rugs, and other accessories.


Your choice of furniture depends on whether you are taking the traditional or the modern approach, although both interpretations of this style will use wood or bamboo furniture. For the modern Thai style, you should take a minimalist approach to your furniture, says The Spruce. Choose wooden furniture that has clean lines and have no more pieces of furniture than are necessary for the room. For the traditional look, opt for darker wood furniture with ornate features.


Your choice of accessories is not only important to the appearance of the room, but also to the overall theme, says Decoist. Texture and aroma are just as important to Thai design as the look of the room. You can amazing scents to the room using scented candles and or oils. Textures are added with the use of different materials, such as textile wall hangings and cushions. If you have gone down the traditional route, then you should add some ornate accessories to the room, such as wood carvings or an ornate bronze wall mirror. Another type of ornate accessory that you can add is Thai deities and relics. Plants are another important accessory to add to any room to which you are applying the Thai style. These reflect the Thai ethos of incorporating nature into their homes, while also adding color and aroma to the room. If you want to add focal points to the walls, then you can add Thai-style artwork.

Thai Style Homes by Room

You might not use all the key characteristics of a Thai style home in every room. The following are some ideas of how you would implement the Thai style in the different rooms in your home.

  • Hallway- The hallway is the first impression that people get of your home. To create a zen hallway, choose white walls and add plants. If you have space, you can also add a water feature as the sound of running water is associated with calm and relaxation in the Thai culture. To create the traditional look, opt for a bold color and add some wood carvings and an ornate mirror.
  • Living room- If you want your living room to have a relaxing feel, opt for a neutral color scheme with splashes of color. Try to promote light and space in all your interior design decisions. Choose seating that is low and has clean lines. If you want a living room in keeping with the traditional Thai style, add a bold color to a feature wall and opt for darker furniture. Add some ornate accessories to the room and some elements of bronze and gold. A rug will add some warmth and color to the room, while Thai-style artwork will give your living room interesting focal points.
  • Dining room- Again, you can apply either Thai style to your dining room. Choose a rectangular table for either style and a dark wood works best for both styles in this room of your home. Keep things simple with a white color scheme for the modern look or add a bold feature wall for the traditional theme.
  • Kitchen- Clan and simple lines work best in a Thai style kitchen. Darker wood units with the grain showing and a smooth finish will loo great. Keep the kitchen uncluttered and any appliances out of sight. To add an element of nature to this room, add some herbs or potted plants to the window ledge. This will also create a pleasant aroma, which is an important part of Thai style.
  • Bathroom- The use of running water to create a calm and relaxing environment is a key concept in Thai style. It is difficult to incorporate this in some rooms of your home, but the bathroom is perfect as you already have plumbing in place. If your bathroom is large enough, add a small water feature that is both interesting to look at and will give you the sound of running water. It is even possible to incorporate a water feature that is wall-mounted if floor space is limited. Choose a white bathroom suite, and a freestanding bath with bronze claw feet works well with this style. Add plants to the window ledge and an ornate mirror above the sink for both practical and aesthetic purposes.
  • Bedrooms- Your bedroom is your personal space where you relax and sleep. It is in this room that people most want to reflect their personalities. If your preference is for a zen-like space, then choose white walls and white bedding. Add a low bed that has clean lines and a minimalist look. On the other hand, you may prefer a space that is warm and comfortable looking. Add warm, deep colors to the walls and add a colorful throw and cushions to the bed. A four-poster bed with ornate detail works well for the traditional Thai style.

Applying the Thai Style to the Exterior of Your Home

A Thai style home should blend in well with its surroundings, says Living Asean. So, you should add some elements of the Thai style to the exterior of your home. If your outdoor space is large enough, you should incorporate some tropical trees that will create a canopy that is intended to shield the home’s occupants from the sun when they are outdoors. However, you should also add some layers to your garden with greenery at all levels.

A water feature is a nice touch and can create an interesting focal point in your outdoor space. It will also add a calm element to the garden, as the Thai believe that the sound of running water is relaxing. For smaller gardens, yards, and patios, it is still possible to incorporate some of the Thai style to your garden. Add some ornamental trees in large pots with ornate designs. Another option is to use your outdoor space to display wood or stone carvings of Thai deities.

Thai Style Homes – The Final Verdict

A Thai style home is inspired by the culture, landscape, and design ideas of Thailand. It is possible to apply the Thai style to any room in your home. You can choose either a modern or a traditional interpretation of this style, and it is possible to combine elements of both to achieve a calm look that has some traditional features. While the traditional approach is colorful and ornate, the modern approach is calm and minimalistic. The Thai style uses a holistic approach to design, so the feel and aroma of a room are just as important as the appearance. Natural materials are a key feature of a Thai style home, as is creating a good flow between the rooms.

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