20 Beautiful Purple Bedroom Ideas

Purple is often thought of as a rich and luxurious color. Maybe even associated with royalty. It is also not a color that is often thought of as a primary color to have your bedroom in, but when incorporated into the room the right way, it can transform your room from dull to brilliant and beautiful. There are many different shades of purple and it all depends on what shades you like. You can even mix and match different shades to create a warm, layered look of the color throughout the room. Lilacs, plums, prunes, blue-tinted purples, lavenders and more. If you aren’t sure how to use purple in your room, you can easily overpower the room and make it feel small, cramped or uninviting. Here are some tips for incorporating purple into your room for a beautiful luxurious look and feel.

Dark purples

If you are going to go dark, the trick is committing to the color. Interior designers recommend using dark purples on all four walls for a bold look. Or paint an entire built-in shelving unit with the dark. If you prefer to go just a few shades lighter, this can even create a warm, cozy feel to the room.

Contrast colors

If you do decide to go bold and use a dark, intense purple on the walls, offset the color by using warm, neutral tones, such as white, off-white, or cream in other areas, Paint your trim white, use neutral tones for your bedding with patterned throw pillows that incorporate matching the tones in your walls, and use neutral tones for your draperies. Depending on the shade of purple, pinks or yellows, even greens are great “pop” colors to add into the room.


Furniture should be contrasted to the purple on the walls. A great color combo to use with purple is a black and white combination. Light oaks are a good contrast color for dark purples and even lighter shades of purple. Cushions and throw pillows of chairs and sofas should be kept to light and airy colors, but throws pillows can have a burst of color, including purple.


Purple rooms are so royal that these are the perfect bedrooms to finish off with a beautiful crystal or glass chandelier to add to the richness of the room. Side lamps that are purple are a beautiful addition to the purple hue you have already created in the room.


If you are going with tile for the bedroom, black and white checkered tiles work well with many shades of purple. Wood flooring is also often used in bedrooms, and for dark purple bedrooms, dark cherry is a great addition to add even more luxury and richness to the room. If you install a wood floor, a big area rug that is primarily a purple color with lighter tones mixed in, is a great way to finish off the look.

For more ideas on how to decorate with purple, take a look at these 20 beautiful purple bedroom ideas.

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