20 Rustic Bedroom Décor Ideas

Rustic Bedroom

They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and this is best proven by incorporating rustic bedroom décor ideas in your home. Rustic interior design is characterized by focusing on creating a relaxed atmosphere and allowing each décor piece to portray its beauty by standing out on its own. It emphasizes ruggedness which is best epitomized by wood and other organic elements. As such, if you are interested in rustic décor in your bedroom, here are some ideas to consider.

Rustic Bedroom

1. Adding Texture

The Spruce describes texture as using furniture, finishes, textiles, and objects in different materials to create visual interest and add tactile variation in a room. When going for rustic bedroom décor, you need the space to be relaxing so neutral colors, and monochromatic tones will do the trick.

Such colors also help to show off the texture, which could be in the form of a sheepskin rug or a chunky crochet blanket. You can also have throw pillows in a variety of fabrics, such as silk, linen, and wool to create textured layers for the ultimate rustic look.

Rustic Bedroom

2. Exposed Ceiling

Instead of covering up the wooden beams on the ceiling with gypsum boards, why not leave them exposed? Besides the rustic element that exposed ceilings add to the bedroom, they also have the advantage of letting in more natural light which will go a long way in reducing the power bill. An exposed ceiling is especially a plus in a small bedroom because it eliminates that cramped feeling and replaces it with expansiveness.

Rustic Bedroom

3. Pallet Headboard

Forget about that tufted headboard you have been admiring for so long and stick to something simple like a pallet. It can be your DIY project for the weekend and all you need are a few tools and some heat-treated pallets – chemically-treated ones can have long-term health side effects.

You, however, have to be prepared for the work it involves because you need to break down the pallets for you to create a headboard of your preferred size, and also clean them. In the long run, it will be worth it once you see how it makes your bedroom come alive with that rustic touch.

Rustic Bedroom

4. Antique Chairs

You might go browsing for different styles of antique chairs for a touch of rustic décor for your bedroom but always be on the lookout for wooden ones. According to Home guides, you should be able to differentiate between vintage and antique chairs.

Antique chairs are those made over a century ago whereas vintage date back to the 1970s. The best way to identify an antique chair is by inspecting the fabric or tag with the manufacturer’s information.

Rustic Bedroom

5. Repurpose a Block of Wood as Side Table

If you have some leftover blocks of wood after finishing a project, you can repurpose them as side tables. Alternatively, that tree stump you have been looking to get rid of will come in handy as a coffee table in the bedroom. Once you get the ideal tree stump, you can cut it to your desired size and allow it to dry.

You can then remove the bark and shape it. Smoothen out any rough edges with sandpaper and wind up the process by cleaning the stump and adding a protective finish. Once ready, move it to your bedroom and set it in your preferred spot.

Rustic Bedroom

6. Wooden Crates as Nightstands

When you need an affordable option of a nightstand with plenty of storage space, try wooden crates. You can stack two of them by your bedside and place them on the floor.

It offers enough space for placing a lampshade and storing your favorite books. You do not even have to paint them; plain timber is what makes them perfect as rustic décor. The best thing about transforming wooden crates into nightstands is there is not much work involved.

Rustic Bedroom

7. Wall Paneling with Timber

Wooden interior wall panels in your bedroom add an aesthetic appeal to your space. Having the wooden panels on the wall where your headboard leans makes it the instant focal point. You can combine different wood types or finishes for a textured look. If you are going for a subtle look, you can paint the panels but if you want it to be more sophisticated, a dark rich walnut finish is an excellent choice.

Rustic Bedroom

8. Wooden Stools

If you have ever walked into a thrift store or passed by a garage sale and seen old wooden bar stools but wondered where they would fit in your house, try your bedroom. If you cannot get your hands on a tree stump, wooden crates, or blocks of wood, then such stools are ideal replacements.

Repurpose them as nightstands in your bedroom and watch them transform into magnificent rustic decor pieces. Keeping a stool in its natural finish completes the rustic look. You can even get some stools online cheaply. For instance, on Etsy, a vintage French wooden stool costs $23.68.

Rustic Bedroom

9. Textural Wallpapers

Sometimes, the rustic appeal is a passing phase so you do not want to go for something permanent and that is when textural wallpapers are a good alternative to wood paneling. Unlike traditional wallpaper with a smooth surface, textured wallpaper has a defined tactile finish that is a bit rough.

It adds a touch of dimension besides what earth tones on the wall can offer. There are various ways to apply the textured wallpaper; some sheets recommend soaking them in water to activate the adhesive backing while others you just peel and stick. It saves time and effort compared to installing wood panels.

Rustic Bedroom

10. Real Potted Plants

Plants add a lush green scenery in the bedroom and if they have flowers, then the colors might complement whatever theme you have going on in your space. Indoor plants are reportedly one of the ideal ways to alleviate stress and boost productivity as they provide a conducive environment for relaxation.

You should, however, be careful and select plants that are low-maintenance; after all, you are interested in décor not gardening in your bedroom. Still, you must be careful not to have toxic plants such as dracaenas in the house because children and pets are likely to chew on them and get intoxicated.

Rustic Bedroom

11. Log Cabin Look

According to House Beautiful, a log cabin look is another rustic bedroom décor idea. If you do not have enough logs for the entire log cabin look, you can settle for a log bed. All you need have several logs and they do not have to be straight – the weirder shapes they have, the better the rustic look. You can even complete the entire log cabin look by incorporating side tables made from logs.

Rustic Bedroom

12. Unique Artwork

If you love wildlife, then a picture or a painting of some wild animals will do your space some justice in creating that perfect rustic look. There’s a certain element of canvas paintings that makes art come alive and that should be top of the list when searching for artwork to hang in the bedroom.

You could even make it more interesting by having some taxidermy mounts or antler chandeliers. If wildlife is not your preference, perhaps a large rustic world map will do. It can be crafted from solid wood and have roman numerals indicating the time while the map sits at the center.

Rustic Bedroom

13. Vintage Lighting Options

The lighting in your bedroom all depends on how big or small your space is. You cannot install a large chandelier in a small bedroom as it will be overwhelming and make your room seem cluttered. Low ceilings below nine feet high need a small lighting fixture. In such a case, you can go for lanterns.

In case you are going for a more intimate evening, even kerosene lamps placed by the bedside will do. All in all, the amount of light provided by the fixture you pick should be enough for your needs regardless of how rustic you want your, bedroom decor to be.

Rustic Bedroom

14. Paint It White

You cannot go wrong with white floor-to-ceiling walls. Besides lending a rustic look, white walls make your space seem expansive, which is great when your bedroom is small.

The light they reflect brightens the room and helps create a calming and fresh effect. Furthermore, when paired up with another décor, such as the potted plants and textured throw pillows, everything blends in seamlessly.

Rustic Bedroom

15. Exposed Interior Stone Wall

You do not have to limit yourself to exposed stone on the exterior. You can have the ultimate rustic look in the bedroom by leaving the stone on the walls exposed instead of plastering it. The beauty of natural stone remains unrivaled to date, and it never goes out of style.

Apart from the numerous benefits of stone, such as its resistance to fire, water, and scratches, stone does not crack easily. It is also easy to maintain and boosts the resale value of your property. Whether you want to leave the entire four walls exposed or just some segments, such as the fireplace mantel, the effect stone has on the space is breathtaking.

Rustic Bedroom

16. A Touch of Softness

Homes and Gardens points out that if you do not have some softness in your rustic-themed bedroom, you will end up feeling like you are sleeping in a barn. Well, that is not the goal here so instead of having every décor feeling so rustic, you can modernize a bit with a well-upholstered bed.

The luxurious bed will complement the sheepskin rugs or exposed beams in the ceiling. However, the Homes and Gardens article goes ahead to cite that upholstery only works well in rustic settings without carpets or drapes.

Rustic Bedroom

17. Wooden Serving Trays

Breakfast in bed does not have to be in glassware all the time; a wooden serving tray will do wonders for your rustic bedroom. You do not have to use it specifically for serving since it can serve as a decorative piece on that coffee table in the bedroom. You can ensure that the tray lasts long by maintaining it. Vegetable oils stain the wood and cause a bad odor, so you can use other types of oil to create a protective barrier from liquids that would soak into the wood.

Rustic Bedroom

18. Hang Up Empty Frames

Do not fret about finding the perfect family photo to place in those empty frames. No need to book a photo shoot because empty frames will still make excellent rustic bedroom décor. You can display them on the fireplace mantel in the bedroom – mix and match different sizes and shapes. You can even play around with different-colored frames since the essence of hanging empty frames is to make them stand out on their own as wall décor.

Rustic Bedroom

19. Get Some Outdoor Elements Indoors

According to My Move, there are several ways to bring the outdoors inside. Nature-inspired décor does not have to be limited to potted plants alone. You can have a jar of sand or a bowl of rocks in your space. Leaving out the windows without drapes allows natural light to flow in but if you still want some privacy, sheers will do. You could ensure that the spectacular views of the landmarks around your home are visible from the comfort of your home by trimming any bushes that could be an obstacle.

Rustic Bedroom

20. Stack Vintage Books as Tables

Old books do not have to lie idle in your home or by the bookshelves where no one ever bothers to read. Repurpose the books by turning them into a coffee or side table. Arrange the books starting with the heaviest and thickest at the bottom then work your up. Stack the smaller ones at the top and apply glue to each cover, then stick it to the next one on top. Wait for the glue to dry, then you can leave the books as they are or spray paint them with your preferred color.

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