20 Guest Bedroom Ideas That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

Guest Bedroom

Guest bedrooms are great to have. When holidays roll around and company plans to come, you’ll be glad you have a beautiful guest bedroom for your guests to stay in. Guest bedrooms are often left to look plain and simple and unimpressive for the fact that they may not be used often enough to warrant fixing them up, or creating a room that flows with the rest of your home’s decor. The truth is, it isn’t hard to create a comfortable, beautiful guest bedroom; one that’s warm, welcoming, and stylish no matter what your decor style is. We have some tips for putting together a beautiful room where your guests will feel comfortable and enjoy every night of their stay.

Choose a warm color

Unless it’s part of a specific decor scheme, such as Scandinavian or Monochromatic, sometimes stark white walls can make a room feel too cold or sterile. Adding a warm color to the bedroom walls can add a sense of warmth to the room, such as a warm, relaxing pale blue. A warm color palette will make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed and get a better night’s sleep. You may choose to paint all the walls the same color, or create a focal wall by painting one wall a contrasting color to the other walls. The wall behind the bed is often used as a focal wall with the use of a beautiful headboard, and can be a great wall to accent with a bolder or contrasting color to the rest of the room, or consider a beautifully textured wallpaper for an accent wall. Other ways to create beautiful color accents might include painting a bay window or alcove a contrasting color, or including the ceiling in your paint scheme.

Bed and bedding

When it comes to furniture focal points, the bed is the eye-catcher of any bedroom. It typically makes the biggest statement when you walk into the room. Choose a bed that is scaled for the size of the room, first and foremost. Often times, guest bedrooms are smaller in size than other bedrooms in the home, and if that’s the case, you don’t want to overcrowd the room with a bed that hogs all the space. Depending on your decor style, a beautiful headboard will help your bed make an even bigger statement.

Make your bed a comfortable stay for your guests by concentrating on choosing top-of-the-line bed linens. High quality, soft cotton or satin sheets will give your guests the ultimate night’s sleep. Use your wall colors as a guide for choosing the colors in your comforter set. You may want to include your primary color in your comforter set, or choose bedding with colors that pair well with your wall color. Use your throw pillows and throw blanket at the foot of the bed as a way to incorporate more mix and match colors, if you want to add more pops of color. According to Beautiful Mess, bedding should be a big deal for your guests, so if you’re having to use a blow-up mattress, make it over-the-top comfortable by adding a layer of memory foam with a topper, and give your guests a selection of plush pillows to choose from on the bed, from plush to slim and firm.

Choosing furniture pieces

Because guests bedrooms are rooms used primarily for guests on a short-term basis, you may can get away with just adding pieces of furniture that is needed, especially if you’re working with a smaller guest bedroom. Choose pieces that are functional, but add style and beauty to your decor theme. A white washed dresser might work well with a set of small vintage, or distressed side tables in a country chic bedroom. Or an modern style armoire might fit better in your contemporary style bedroom with a single retro styled side table and lamp. Give your guests a place to sit and dress or put their shoes on by placing a chair somewhere in the room, or maybe you have room for a seating bench at the foot of the bed, which happen to be a great way to get a bit of extra storage if it opens. Store extra pillows and blankets for your guests inside.

Add beautiful decor items to complete the room

At the end of the day, it really comes down to the little details that really make a room. Add beautiful decorative touches to the room to give it it’s character and charm. A wall hanging mirror gives any room a more open and airy look and feel. If your dresser doesn’t have a mirror, that is the perfect place to hang a decorative mirror that serves multiple purposes. A beautiful vase of fresh flowers on the dresser always adds a welcoming and cheery look to any room, and other wall hanging art pieces can show off your sense of style and taste. Choose a pair of side table lamps that pair well with your decor theme or hang a set of wall sconces on either side of the bed for reading and relaxing in bed. Do you have built-in book shelves in the room? Fill the shelves with books for your guests to choose from, mixed with decor items to break-up the look and add a bit of decor charm.

Final thoughts

The best way to make your guests feel comfortable and more like they are right at home, is to make the room crisp, clean, and clutter-free and keep the room symmetrical when putting the furniture pieces in their place. A well-designed room will better help your guests get a better sleep. For more great ideas, take a look at the following 20 guest bedroom ideas that’ll knock your socks off.

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