20 Beautiful Bedrooms With Modern Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans play dual roles in a bedroom. First, they act as part of your air circulation process, cooling your room in the summer, and can help circulate the heat throughout the room in the winter. Next, they add flare and character to your room. Over the years, ceiling fans have gone from basic and boring, to being, well, almost artistic in their designs.

Now, no matter what type of style your room has, you can find a ceiling fan that goes with your décor. There are different sizes, too, so no matter what size bedroom you have, you can find one that works with the space you have. The choices for ceiling fans really are endless. For instance, if you have a modern style bedroom, you will probably want to find a ceiling fan that fits this mode of décor; sleek, linear, and uses geometric shape designs to create a clean look and appearance of the fan.

After all, a ceiling fan can be one of the first things seen when you walk into a bedroom. It is often used as one of the focal points, and you want it to flow with the rest of your design theme. If you have a modern bedroom and want to hang a ceiling fan that matches your style, here are some tips for choosing the right one.

1. Measure space

Bedrooms come in different sizes. It may seem like only floor space matters when choosing what fits and doesn’t fit in your room, but even a ceiling fan needs to fit the space. If you have a small bedroom, you want to make sure that you don’t get a fan so large that the paddle length is too long, or the fan itself is too big and overwhelming for the room. Too large, and it will dominate the ceiling and consume too much space, making your room a nd fan look awkward. If your room is large, having too small of a fan will also look awkward, like it doesn’t fit or flow with the room size. It’s important to measure blade length and read about each fan you are considering to see what size rooms the brand recommends for the fan.

2. Drop down space

Like the paddle measurements, it is also important that you choose a fan that hangs down from the ceiling the right length. Ceiling heights vary so be sure you have the right amount of space if you are interested in a low-hanging fan. If you have high ceilings, having a fan that sits up too close to the ceiling can also look awkward and not be beneficial with air flow, either.

3. Choose style and color

For modern bedrooms, sticking to the same design and style is recommended in order to keep the flow congruent in the room. With contemporary, or modern style fans, less seems to be more, sense the whole concept of modernism is clean, neat and simple. In the same regard, you still want there to be something of interest to look at when you look at your fan.

You want it to stand out, be eye-catching, and have flare. Modern fans are some of the most interesting to look at. As a matter of fact, they can go, really ‘out there’ with their designs. So choose one that fits your modernistic room designs, geometric shapes, even color choices, such as black, white, brushed nickel, silver, and other metals.

Your ceiling fan should be something that will last for years, so take the time to measure your area, height and out reach of the paddles, first, before choosing the design and color. For more ideas on modern ceiling fans, here are 20 beautiful bedrooms with modern ceiling fans for you to look at.

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