20 Beautiful Rustic Kitchen Ideas

The rustic look is always in-style and never goes out. It’s a popular look among certain areas of the country, especially, where southwestern type lifestyles are one of the primary ways of life. However, no matter where you live, you can incorporate rustic décor into any home and in any room. One room of the home that many people love to use rustic designs is the kitchen.

Rustic furniture and décor items can warm a room and make it feel cozy and comfortable; the perfect feelings you want to get in a kitchen, the gathering hub of the whole house. There are multiple ways you can design a kitchen in a rustic style, from southwestern rustic looks, to country French and Italian rustic designs. Your personal preference on what type of rustic kitchen you want to create. If the rustic look is one that you have always dreamt of for your kitchen and need ideas for how to get started, here are a few tips.

Rustic décor is typically a combination of types of materials that bring an outdoorsy look and feel to the room. Wood, logs, wrought iron, brass, leather, stone, mosaic tiles, among other materials, are used to create a natural, earthy look. Here are some ideas for you to consider when planning your rustic kitchen.


The rustic look is typically designed with natural fabrics in mind. Colors and patterns work together with natural or vintage fabrics for the old, weathered, rustic look. Burlap, cotton, and leather are often used in a rustic design. Stripes, floral and checkered patterns are commonly included in rustic style kitchens. They can be used in curtains and valances, chair cushions, throw pillows, even in lamps and art accessories.


Weathered, aged, and distressed woods are used in rustic style kitchens. Most often, dark tones of wood are the most common choices in wood flooring and other wood surfaces used in a rustic kitchen design. For the best rustic look, choose from mahogany, cherry, maple, hickory or oak, to get the best look. Wood beams, flooring, or wood on the walls for a cozy cabin look, all fit the rustic lifestyle. Tile flooring in neutral tones can also be used in a rustic style kitchen, if tile is what you prefer.


Keeping with the earthy look, furniture made of weathered or distressed wood complete a rustic style kitchen. Wood block kitchen tables, glass cabinetry units, and other pieces of primitive, aged, distressed or weathered furniture in dark woods, are commonly seen in rustic kitchens. You can cover pieces of furniture in natural fabrics as well, such as barstools or kitchen table chairs padded in leather, is one idea for adding southwestern touches.

yellow, cactus green, and adobe red and accentuated with different hues of yellow, orange, and turquoise. You can cover the rustic finished furniture pieces using suede, leather, and fabric and use metallic accents to give your home an authentic southwestern rustic look.


You can accessorize your kitchen with unique, rustic accessory pieces. Some ideas might be, a rustic style chandelier, a wagon wheel used in your kitchen design, rustic lanterns setting out on a counter or table, or used as wall sconces. Rustic picture frames of distressed or aged wood, flowers arranged in a vintage milk jug as an accessory is a beautiful counter focal point.

Plan your rustic kitchen and have fun with your ideas. An additional tip to complete your rustic design is to use your natural light to bring in the outdoorsy look. Clutter free spaces are also a part of the design, so limit your accessories on surfaces and keep corners and spaces clutter-free.

For more ideas on rustic kitchens, take a look at the following 20 beautiful rustic kitchen ideas.

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