10 Tips to Give Your Home a Southwestern Style

Southwestern style is inspired by the culture of Arizona, Mexico, and Texas, and there are both American and Mexican influences in this look. One reason that this style is so popular is that it is so warm and homely. It is a style that is easy to recreate in either individual rooms or throughout your home. How you choose to interpret this style will depend on your personal tastes, your budget, and the style of your home. If you like this type of décor, then use the following 10 tips to give your home a southwestern style.

1. Use Warm Colors

According to The Spruce, your choice of colors is an important element of the southwestern interior design style. While you may use neutral colors on most of the walls, you should have feature walls, furnishings, and accessories that are warm, earthy colors. Examples include browns, deep reds, yellows, and burnt orange.

2. Add a variety of Woods

Wood is one of the most important features of southwestern style interiors, as this is a natural material that gives your room a rustic look, says Canadian Log Home. Try to use a variety of woods in different colors or that have different grain patterns. Using wood adds to the warmth of this look, and you can use it for the flooring, the furniture, and for decorative accessories in any room. You can even use it as paneling on sections of the walls, such as the lower half or a feature wall. Similarly, exposed stone and brickwork can work well with this theme, as these are also natural materials. Exposed stone makes a stunning feature wall and looks amazing around a fireplace.

3. Vary the Textures

Texture plays a vital role in creating the southwestern style successfully in your home. Not only does it add visual impact, but it can also make the rooms featuring this style feel more homely. Add some texture to the wall, such as stucco or textured wallpaper. You can also add some texture with your choice of soft furnishings and accessories. Make sure you use a variety of materials as each material has its own texture.

4. Add Some Wrought Iron

In addition to wood, you should try to add some wrought iron to your interior design as this is another material that features prominently in this style. There are many ways that you can include wrought iron, but one of the simplest is to choose wrought iron light fittings. Likewise, wrought iron candlestick are a nice decorative feature and using candles gives warm, mellow lighting. Other wrought iron items you could choose include window grilles, mirrors, ornaments, and door handles.

5. Accessorize with Decorative Pottery

Don Pedro Brooklyn highlights the importance of using decorative pieces in rooms with a southwestern style. Pottery is a good option as it reflects this style well, and colorful pieces with decorative patterns will have a visual impact in a room. Use vases to adorn your tables and fireplace, and consider putting up colorful plates on the walls as an alternative to art.

6. Choose Rustic Furniture

Rustic elements are vital to the southwestern style, and your choice of furniture should reflect this. Wooden furniture is ideal for any room that features this style, and larger pieces with curves or uneven lines are perfect. If you are applying the southwestern look to your kitchen, choose stained or waxed wooden doors rather than modern units with a glossy appearance. An alternative to wooden furniture is to choose pieces that are made partially or entirely of wrought iron. However, the southwestern style is about comfort, so make sure you add plenty of cushions.

7. Use Colorful Textiles

Textiles feature highly in southwestern design, and these often boast bright colors or earth tones. Many also feature geometric, Aztec-style designs, stripes, or zig-zag patterns. A rug is a fantastic way of adding a homely touch and a splash of color, as well as breaking up the floor space to make the room look more interesting. You should also use throws and cushions in your living room and the bedrooms. Another way of using textiles is to display colorful wall hangings.

8. Consider a Tiled Feature

Many southwestern style homes have tiled features. Although tiles are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens in most homes, you do not need to limit yourself to using tiles in only these rooms if you are creating a southwestern style. One way of adding interesting tiled patterns is to have all or part of your floor tiled. If you have a fireplace, you can feature patterned tiles in your fire surround. A further option is to make tiled patterns on the wall to create an unusual focal point in the room. If you have a creative streak, you can even create some tiled mosaic designs yourself to feature in your home.

9. Exposed Beams

According to BHG, a common feature of the southwestern style is exposed beams. If you are lucky enough to have this feature in your home, then this will add to your overall look. There are various ways that you can add beams if they are not already a feature of your home, including adding faux beams.

10. Use Art and Prints

Adding prints or pieces of art to your walls is a way of adding color and patterns that are typical of the southwestern style to a room. They brighten up the room, add interest, and create focal points. A popular option is to feature Aztec-style designs in earth tones or vibrant colors. However, you are not limited to featuring artwork with these designs. Other options include horses and southwestern landscapes. Either hang the canvases without frames or choose frames made from wood or wrought iron. Think about where you would like to draw your visitors’ eyes when you choose a spot to hang your artwork.

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