20 Beautiful Master Bedrooms with Wooden Headboards

Wooden headboards can give your master bedroom an entirely different look, depending on the type of wood, and style. There are so many beautiful options to choose from when it comes to wooden headboards that you can literally create any type of look you want to for your room. Whether you want a traditional style wooden headboard for your bed, a rustic look, contemporary, modern, or anything you can dream of. If you have any crafty, or wood-working skills yourself, you may even want to attempt to make a wooden headboard yourself. Otherwise, there is either purchasing a pre-made, or have someone else construct one for you. Either way, a wooden headboard can totally change the dimension of your room and give it a unique look. Do you have a favorite type of wood or style that you’d love to see as your main focal point in your master bedroom as the headboard?

Since you may not be able to find the style and look of a wooden headboard that you want; not all styles are carried in stores, and you are wanting something different, unique, and out of the ordinary, you may need to design the headboard yourself. For ideas, keep reading to see what kind of wooden headboards you can design and create on your own. Here are some wooden headboard ideas.

Rustic look

For a more rustic look to your room, using distressed wood to create a headboard is a unique look warms a room. Create a barn door look with distressed, light or dark oak, and finish off the look by adding a lantern sconce on either side of the board. If you already have an old barn door and don’t know what to do with it, cut it down to size to fit the size of your bed frame and you have an instant rustic, wooden headboard.


A whitewashed headboard can really brighten your bed and bedroom. A whitewashed fence-style headboard or lattice design can bring a feel of the outdoors to your bedroom. Use pieces of wood that are different heights to really add character to a fence pattern or paint a vine décor pattern on your latticed wood for a creative, trellis garden look.

Bookcase headboard

For avid readers, having your favorite books close at hand for nightly reading could be the inspiration behind a bookcase headboard. Depending on your bedroom décor, choose the color and type of wood that works best for your room. You can create and construct a bookcase of any height and place it directly behind the bed frame, against the wall then slide your bed against the casing. Place your favorite books on the shelves and decorate places on your shelves with other decorative accessories, such as candles, pictures or art pieces.

Add personal touches

No matter what type of wood and headboard you create, you can add your own designs pieces to give it flare. Pictures, a star, a mirror, string lights or shapes from end-to-end, anything you can dream up. You can uniquely design your headboard to give it your own style and character unlike anything you’d find in a store. Paint the headboard a bold color to create a real focal point in the room then use it as the coclor to draw from when choosing draperies and other accessories in your room.

For more wooden headboard ideas, here are 20 beautiful master bedrooms with wooden headboards.

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