10 Essentials for the Perfect Toddler Bedroom

At different stages throughout your child’s life, their needs will change, and they will also develop different tastes and interests. It is important to reflect their needs, tastes, and interests in their bedroom. The toddler years are an interesting time as they are developing their personality, learning new skills, and increasing their independence. It is also a phase that many parents find challenging. Having a nice bedroom where they can enjoy their own space, sleep comfortably, and spend time doing the activities they love is important. Here are 10 essentials for a toddler’s bed.

1. Lots of Color

Young children love bright colors, and using lots of colors can make their bedroom seem a fun place to spend time. If the room is not visually appealing to a toddler, it is unlikely that they will want to spend any time in there. You can also include patterns or a feature wall of wallpaper featuring their favorite characters.

2. A Comfortable and Inviting Bed

The most important piece of furniture in a toddler’s bedroom is the bed. Choosing an appropriately sized bed is essential, as your child may feel overwhelmed by a large bed. It is also vital that the bed is comfortable. If your child does not feel comfortable in their bed, then you may have difficulty encouraging them to sleep in their room alone.

3. A Devoted Play Space

Bedrooms serve the practical purpose of being a place to sleep. However, it is also their personal space for a child where they can enjoy spending time doing their favorite activities. Therefore, they need an area of their bedroom that is devoted to playing, says One Little Project. Plan the layout of their room in such a way that it is not completely taken up with furniture so that there is space for them to play with their toys. If space is limited in your child’s bedroom, consider some space-saving solutions, such as a bed with storage underneath or using the wall space to add additional storage.

4. Storage

Toddlers often have lots of clothes and toys, so having plenty of storage in their bedroom is essential. When choosing the storage for their toys, remember to opt for something that is low, so they can reach the contents. Reserve the higher storage options for the things you want to keep out of their reach. Storage towers with pull out drawers to store different items on each level are ideal for a toddler’s bedroom.

5. A Bookcase

Although it is unusual for a toddler to have any reading skills, it is essential that they begin to look at books from an early age as it is a vital part of the development of their literacy and communication skills. Children begin to make a connection between images and words when they look through books. To keep your child’s books neat and tidy in their bedroom, you need a bookcase for storage. Choose a low bookcase so your child can take books from the shelves when they feel like looking through a book.

6. A Toddler-Sized Table and Chair

An excellent addition to any toddler’s bedroom is their own table or desk with a toddler-sized chair, says Yellodoor. At this development stage, toddlers begin to develop their fine motor skills, such as drawing, writing, and cutting paper with scissors. Having their own desk or low table will encourage them to spend time on these activities. It will also encourage creativity and provide them with space to enjoy creative activities without making a mess in other areas of the house. You do not need to spend a lot of money on a fancy desk with different sections. A simple plastic table and chair will suffice.

7. Adjustable Lighting

Children need good lighting to play safely in their rooms. On the other hand, they cannot sleep well unless it is dark. However, switching from bright light to complete darkness can often upset toddlers. If you have adjustable lighting in their bedroom, you can turn the lighting down to a mellow glow that will help your child to relax and become sleepy, and then turn off the light completely once they have fallen asleep.

8. Practical Flooring

Most toddlers do not understand the concept of tidiness and cleanliness, and many toddlers love nothing more than to make a mess. You should also consider that your child is going through the potty-training phase, so accidents may occur. Therefore, it makes sense to choose practical flooring for their bedroom. Carpets are a bad option because they need a lot of cleaning, become stained, and retain odors. Choose flooring that you can easily sweep, mop, or wipe clean.

9. A Rug for Comfortable Play

While hard, smooth floor surfaces are a practical option in terms of cleaning, they are not comfortable for your child while playing on the floor. Therefore, you should add a rug to your toddler’s bedroom, says Hurd and Honey. Doing so will give them a comfortable spot in the room where they can sit on the floor and play. There are some fantastic rugs that are perfect for toddler’s bedrooms. Some rugs are themed, and some have a design that inspires creative play, such as rugs with road designs for toddlers to use to drive their toy cars along.

10. Child Safety Equipment

Although you may want to focus on making the room look fantastic for your child, making sure the room is safe for them is even more critical. Look at the room carefully to identify potential risks and minimize these risks and keep your child safe. For example, you may need a child safety gate, plug socket coverings, side rails for the bed, and a baby monitor. Taking steps to improve the room’s safety will allow your child to play safely and give you peace of mind.

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