10 Essentials for the Perfect Gamer Bedroom

While many people stick to the same room throughout most of their house, their bedroom is a place where they can reflect their personality and interests. Many people of their bedroom as a personal haven, so it is the ideal room to enjoy your hobbies if you do not have a spare room elsewhere in your property. If your interest is gaming, then it is possible to create a room that focuses on this theme and allows you to fully enjoy your hobbies. Of course, a game console is the most essential item for the room, but this is obvious. Here are 10 essentials for the perfect gamers bedroom.

1. A Gaming Chair

After the games console, the most important feature of any gamer bedroom is the gaming chair, says Don Pedro Brooklyn. It is in your gaming chair where you will spend most of your time enjoying your gaming activities. Gaming chairs recline and offer lumbar support to protect your spine and posture. They also have armrest so that you can comfortably rest your elbows while holding our controls. Some have additional features, such as adjustment options or drinks holders. There are various designs available at different price points. Make sure you choose one that is an appropriate size for your room. If possible, it is best to try them out for comfort first. If you cannot afford a gaming chair, a high-backed office chair is a reasonable alternative.

2. A Bedside Cabinet, Table, or Desk

Most gamers like to set themselves up with everything they need before beginning a long gaming session. They do not want to stop their gaming so they can get food and drinks. Therefore, most set themselves up with snacks and drinks before they begin. The best way for them to do this is to have a small table or bedside cabinet where they can put their food and drink so that it is close to hand, and they can reach it without leaving their gaming chair. Doing so reduces the need for them to stop their gaming, and they will only need to take toilet breaks. If you prefer to sit at a desk for gaming, then this will also meet your needs for a surface to keep your food and drink.

3. Mood Lighting

To enhance your gaming sessions, you need the right lighting, and this may differ depending on the type of game you are playing. Ginx eSports TV says that there is no shortage of custom or shop-bought lighting systems that can set the mood in a gaming room. They point out that the key features of your lighting system should include specific color schemes and consistent lighting. Green lighting is one of the best options for a gaming room.

4. Cable Accessories

A common problem for gamers is cables running around their bedroom. Although they may have some gaming accessories that are wireless, most pieces of electronic equipment are plugged into power points. It can often mean that there are multiple cables running around the room and that they may need a cable extension with additional power points if they do not have sufficient mains power points. Therefore, it is a good idea for a gamer bedroom to have some cable accessories that help to keep your cables tidy, safe, and out of sight says Apartment Therapy.

5. Ventilation and Air Conditioning

A common problem in gamer bedrooms is the heat, and this is due to the heat produced from the various pieces of electronic equipment. To make sure there is a comfortable heat level in your bedroom, you should invest in some form of ventilation or air conditioning. If you have an HVAC system in your home, then this issue is possibly already covered. Otherwise, buy a ceiling fan or desk fan to improve the bedroom’s ventilation and keep temperatures down.

6. Excellent Speakers

Sound is a vital aspect of the overall gaming experience. Therefore, you should set up some good quality speakers in your gamer bedroom. Spending a little extra to get decent speakers is worthwhile for the difference it will make to your gaming experience. Where you choose to position your speakers can also make a difference.

7. A Wide Monitor or Projector

For many gamers, a television or PC screen is too small. The gaming experience is better if you have a large, wide monitor. However, this is an expensive option on top of the cost of the gaming console, accessories, and games. A budget-friendly alternative is to use a projector. One of the benefits of a projector is that you can customize the size and range at any time, unlike a television screen that you cannot change its size. However, not all projectors are suitable for gaming, so you must make sure that you can connect the projector to the gaming console, speakers, and any other accessories.

8. A Gaming TV Stand

Gaming TV stands differ from regular TV stands as they are specifically designed for gaming activities. They have shelving that is suitable for storing games and accessories, along with space for keeping the console. Some are open, so all your possessions are on display, while others have doors to keep your gaming accessories hidden away.

9. Gamer Themed Accessories

Your choice of accessories can create a gamer theme in your bedroom, especially if you have left the walls a neutral color. Choose accessories that fit in with the theme, such as retro computing items or accessories relating to your favorite game. Gaming-themed accessories are a lot of fun, and there are accessories available that are suitable for different age groups. Therefore, you should find something for either a kid’s game-themed bedroom or for an adult gamer bedroom. Just some examples of the accessories you can choose for a gamer bedroom include wall art, a fun clock, and themed lighting.

10. Additional Storage

Although your gaming TV stand and desk may offer some storage solutions, it is likely that you will need additional storage. Gamers often find that their games and various accessories soon build-up, so some additional storage will come in handy. Some simple shelving or a cupboard with shelves with probably meet your needs.

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