How Do You Choose the Right Bedroom Paint Color?

The bedroom is a personal place for relaxation and retiring to take a break after a series of activities. For many people, choosing a bedroom color has proven to be quite hectic and a bit tricky. Fortunately for you, we are here to tell you that choosing a bedroom color should not be a strenuous activity. It is your bedroom so, go for colors that calm and soothe you. Just think about the environment that you want around your relaxing place, and then choose a color that recreates that feeling. Different colors have different impacts on people’s emotions. The right bedroom paint should, therefore, comprise of colors that please you and put you in a relaxing mode. You should paint your bedroom walls colors that you would be happy to see when you wake up in the morning to help set you in the right mood for the rest of the day. If you are having a hard time picking the right bedroom paint color, here are some tips to help you out.

Pick your starting point

According to Usability, there are 12 primary colors in the color wheel, and these can be combined to form a wide range of warm or cold colors. The Smithsonian once published a report saying that the number of colors in the universe is infinity, and human beings cannot see all colors. However, do not let this endless line-up of colors overwhelm you when trying to pick bedroom paint. Start by creating an inspirational point; collect several pictures with colors that appeal to you either from online sources or magazines. Out of your chosen photos, pick the images with colors that you often encounter in your life. Then narrow down to pictures with colors that appeal to you. If you realize you like a broad base of colors, it implies that neutral paints such as grey and beige attract you.

Colors of your bedroom furniture

The only time you should not consider your furniture is when you are decorating a new bedroom with nothing inside. That is because you will be buying furniture that is consistent with the existing bedroom color. Otherwise, it is essential to paint your bedroom with colors that will complement the existing furniture. For example, if you have a blue floor rug, you can pick a fine tone from the carpet’s color as the original motivation of your wall paint. If your bedroom furniture is white, you can paint your wall light blue to perfect the calm feeling brought about by the white furniture. Avoid introducing completely new colors that do not match the existing furniture, for this will make your bedroom look disorderly. Your wall color does not have to be flawless; it just has to flow with the furniture and create a rhythm of calmness.

Size of your bedroom

Bedroom size matters a lot when it comes to picking the right paint for your walls. Small bedrooms can make you feel confined and uncomfortable. You can change this by painting your walls with colors that make your bedroom’s interior look spacious than it is. Contrary, large bedrooms can feel over spacious, cold and lonely. That is why you need the right paint that will make your bedroom more welcoming. If your bedroom is small, light colors are the best to paint on your wall. Soft-toned bright colors such as white and blue create a sense of reflection and make a small bedroom look more prominent, airy and less crammed up. Bigger bedrooms, on the other hand, come out better with darker wall paints to suck up light and pull focus away from their size. Deep dark colors such as gold and brown create a sense of coziness and provide a feeling of intimacy that will make you feel calm in your bedroom.

Your favorite color

Different people have varying favorite colors; the color that has a relaxing effect on you may not be soothing to another person. Therefore do you; if green makes you feel calm, feel free to paint your bedroom wall green. Green is one of the perfect colors for bedrooms because of its fresh and warm elements. If you have modern furniture, consider using forest green, for it will blend perfectly with your modern tiles, couch, or linens. If yellow is your favorite color, consider painting your bedroom yellow but be cautious enough to use soft shades of yellow and not bright yellow. If red is your favorite color, you can paint your bedroom red but be keen to avoid stimulating bright red. You should use a red color that is highly saturated to prevent an overwhelming result. Red colors are also perfect with a bedroom that has large windows to break the monotony and tension it creates.

The amount of light in your room

Light is another factor that you should keep in mind while choosing what to paint your bedroom. Plenty of natural light in your bedroom can create a sense of space, even if the room is small. You might want to settle for softer colors that are not entirely white or reflective. For instance, if your bedroom receives plenty of sunlight, you should opt for a soft touch of blush pink. It will make your bedroom look happy and compliment well with the natural hue. If your room is dark and does not welcome a lot of natural light, you should consider painting the walls with soft dark colors. For example, a dark blue color with a lavender touch will flow well in rooms with minimum light and create a sense of grandeur. According to 1 Day Painting, lavender has an unlimited range of shades that fit well with many people. Sunny yellow is another color that you can paint a bedroom with little natural light. It is the best way to light up your room because it creates an artificial light that creates a sense of warmth.

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