10 Essentials to Have a Royal Bedroom Look

You don’t need a crown to sleep in a royal look bedroom. With a bit of creativity, an ounce of imagination, and just a dash of spending power, you could soon transform your dingy master bedroom into a bedroom worthy of royalty. Although it’s easy enough to create when you know what you’re doing, getting started can be a challenge. To get you moving in the right direction, start with these 10 essentials for the royal bedroom look – tiaras and thrones purely optional.

1. A Hanging Light Fixture

Light fixtures can make or break a room, so choosing the right one is a vital first step in getting your desired look. And as it turns out, a royal bedroom is no place for a dingy lightshade. Introduce a splash of glitz and glam with a glowing chandelier – not only will it make your room look instantly more expensive, it’ll do magical things to how high your ceilings look. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a chandelier, do as elledecor.com recommends and opt for a statement hanging light instead – despite looking a million bucks, they can be had for surprisingly little if you look in the right places.

2. A Statement Headboard

As tastefulspace.com rightly notes, if there’s one piece of kit you can’t afford to scrimp on (not unless you want your bedroom to look more pedestrian than regal, in any case), it’s a statement headboard. Avoid anything too structural, modern, or ‘out there’ and stick to a classic piece that’s been cushioned, padded, stitched, and styled to royal perfection. Fabrics can be velvet, linen, or brushed cotton, while colors should play nicely alongside the other color choices in the room – an eclectic, clashing color scheme might look good in some rooms, but not in the royal bedroom.

3. Plants

Plant are usually considered an optional extra rather than an essential, but not in the royal bedroom. As The Spruce notes, nothing screams ‘expensive’ like some well-placed greenery (providing it’s real and healthy – anything plastic, dead, or on its last legs should either be chucked or relegated to another room). If you’ve fewer green fingers than you’d like, skip the potted plants and stick to some cut flowers instead. Otherwise, try some super hardy varieties like Chinese evergreen, pothos, or dracaena – pop them in a ceramic planter, give them the occasional splash of water, and despite your best efforts, they’ll keep on blooming forever after.

4. A Color Scheme

As decorlove.com notes, there’s two colors above all others that smack of royalty – purple and black. If you can stand to go big and bold, black walls trimmed with white borders and accompanied with white bedding makes a dramatic statement. But don’t feel obliged to jump in with both feet if you don’t want too. A few purple pillows or a sleek black ceramic vase will be enough to add a royal dash without going overboard with the theme. If black and purple sound too dramatic for your tastes, violet, pink or blue also make great choices, while green is a perennial classic.

5. Long Curtains

Forget short drapes or boring blinds – the royal bedroom demands long, full curtains. Look for a pair in a luxurious material and preferably with enough thickness to block out the light – sheer voile curtains that let in plenty of natural light might look delightfully modern, but slumbering royals need their beauty sleep. In terms of length, look for drapes that either skim the floor or end in a puddle. If your room is on the small side, hanging the curtains a little above where you would normally can add some much-needed inches to its height.

6. A Luxury Blanket

A microfiber blanket may be cozy, but let’s face it, it’s not exactly regal. Opt for something, thick, something luxurious, and something that begs you to touch it. Velour, silk, velvet, or faux fur all make good options, and are all capable of looking supremely expensive while keeping you wonderfully warm at the same time. Avoid anything too patterned or colorful and stick to a classic design in a solid color instead.

7. A Designer Bedside Lamp

If your nightstand lampshade isn’t up to scratch, it’ll drag down the rest of the room without even trying. Replace anything old, faded, or grungy with something that adds a touch of class. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get something that looks like you have – the trick is to keep things classic (colorful, retro nightshades might be fun, but the royal look bedroom isn’t about fun) and in a shade that will complement, rather than clash with, your bed linen and accessories.

8. An Elegant Mirror

A good mirror can transform a bedroom, making small rooms seem bigger and budget buys look more expensive. Providing, of course, you choose the right mirror. Size is important (look for one that will enhance the space of the room without overwhelming it) but more important still is the frame. An engraved wooden frame with an eye-caching border design will look beautiful, while an antique good frame will add just the right amount of glitz and glamour.

9. A Place for Clutter

Ok, this is less a ‘thing’ and more of an idea, but that doesn’t make it any less essential. A bedroom should be lovely to look at, but it also needs to be functional. And that means having enough storage solutions to keep all your bits and bobs out of sight. No matter how regally you decorate your bedroom, all your good work will be instantly undone if every surface is buried under paper, cups, books, and other detritus. Stick to the mantra ‘ a place for everything and for everything a place’. It may sound time consuming and just a little bit boring, but it works. Work out what kind of storage will work best in your room, and make sure it’s adequate. A single dresser might be enough for some people, but if you’ve more clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories than the average department store, you might need to upgrade to something bigger. Providing you keep it to a material and style that fits in with the rest of the theme, you’ll be getting something functional and attractive for the same price.

10. Pillows

Some designs prioritize simplicity and sleekness over comfort. The regal look doesn’t. While you might want to skip the excess pillows if you’re designing a minimalist themed bedroom, feel free to pile them sky high in your regal look bedroom. Just be sure to choose ones in a luxurious looking fabric (silk and velvet both make great options) and in colors and patterns that add a dash of class.

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