20 Gorgeous Blue Bedroom Ideas

There is nothing quite like the warmth of a blue room, whether sky, sapphire or royal, blue just does something to your mood and can make you feel relaxed, warm and cozy, even regal. Blue is such a fun color to work with in any room, but bedrooms have a special meaning. They are the one room that should feel serene and tranquil so that at the end of each day, you can relax, rejuvenate, and feel restful. That is exactly what a nice blue bedroom can do for you. Depending on the shade of blue you choose, you can bring little of the wonders of the sky into your room, from a light, airy blue, to the comforts of the night sky, your room can be a beautiful retreat. Here are a few tips for creating a gorgeous blue bedroom.

How blue do you go?

Deciding on how blue you want your room is a good place to start. Do you want to just incorporate a little blue into your room or have a full-blue room? You can paint all four walls blue, one wall as an accent wall, or leave your walls neutral and use blue accents throughout your room to create the perfect blue design for your style preferences. Your design style in your home and bedroom can help you decide on the shade of blue. For instance, certain shades of blue are fitting for a cottage style bedroom, while light to dark shades of blue can work for beachy themes in your bedroom. Or create a classic, regal look with dark blues, such as midnight.

Color combinations

Blues are great colors to work with when it comes to combining them with other colors. One of the most common color combo is blue and white. No matter what design look you want to achieve, from modern to beach themed, or cottage, blue and white always work well together. White creates a stark contrast to your blue walls, ceiling, and accents. Blue walls with white draperies, fabrics and white accents, will make your blue pop. Brown tones are also a popular accent color often used in combination with blue. Depending on your shade of blue, you can incorporate from light to dark oak, cherry, and anything in between. Cream, off-white, red and yellow are also often seen in combination with blue in bedroom deco themes. Don’t be afraid to use some bold color choices for your accents throughout your room, whether it is a little, or several pieces that boast a bold color.

No matter whether you want blue to be the main focal color of your room and stand out boldly, or you choose to use it as a supporting color in your décor theme, blue can turn your room into a sea of relaxation and serenity. When you start to plan your blue bedroom, you will want some ideas to help you along. Take a look at the following 20 gorgeous blue bedroom ideas to help you get started on your blue bedroom.

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