20 Beautiful Yellow Bedroom Ideas

Yellow is one of the most cheery, brilliant, feel-good colors in the spectrum. For most of us, it reminds you of the sunshine; a happy day that makes you smile. Bringing that same, feel-good feeling into your bedroom is easy to do when you turn your bedroom into a gorgeous yellow room that makes you feel warm and happy.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary away from life and away from the rest of the house. You go there to retreat and rejuvenate, so why not create a room that is as beautiful, relaxing, and tranquil. There are many different ways in which you can incorporate the color yellow into your bedroom. Whether you want to be drastic with the color for a bright “sunshiney” room, or you just want simple touches of light yellow to create a romantic, sunlit room, you can have the perfect yellow room by following some of the following decorating tips.

Choose your shade of yellow

Choosing your shade of yellow depends on how much or how little of the color you want to add and what your primary end result is for the room. Yellow can be a tricky color to work with because the last thing you want, is for your yellow walls to look juvenile, shocking or overwhelming. That being said, if you want to make a bold statement, a vibrant zesty lemon yellow will really brighten your room. For a softer look of yellow, creamier shades, such as buttery or honey yellows are more mellow and soothing on the walls.

Keep the yellow in your accents

Not everyone wants to overload their bedroom with the color yellow by plastering it on all four walls, yet they want to incorporate it somehow. For those who are a little color shy, try bringing shades of yellow into through the room by way of fabrics and accent pieces. Throw pillows, draperies, wall hangings and art, decorative pieces, and throw rugs are all great ways to bring various shades of yellow into the room without feeling like the color has taken over every bit of space. A vase with yellow daffodils or sunflowers can brighten a corner, dresser or side table. Patterned decorative pillows and a cozy throw on your bed with bursts of yellow, is one way to draw your attention to your bed and create a focal point in the room.

Color coordinating

Color combinations can make or break a room. Getting the right color combinations can create a warm, inviting and beautiful room. Yellow and gray have always been a traditional color combination, as well as yellow and white. Charcoal tones or red are a great way to make a room fashionable and contemporary, while yellow and shades of blue can create a beachy look and feel. If you are looking to give the entire room a splash of brightness, try mixing bright shades of yellow with lime, apple green, or turquoise. Yellows and brown hues can bring a warm, homey feel to a room. If have a large room that feels too big and drab, warm it up and make it cozier coordinating warm yellows and brown hues.

The choices and design choices are endless when you work with yellow. You can bring as much or as little of the color yellow into  your bedroom to create just the right look and appeal as you want. For more ideas, here are 20 yellow bedroom ideas.

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