How to Create the Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of natural laws that have been around for more than 5000 years. Contemporary Feng Shui was developed in Western society during the 1970s. This practice involves achieving goals in life by ensuring energy flows through your home in the right direction. Furniture placement is a key element of Feng Shui. Here are some tips to create the perfect Feng Shui bedroom.

Bed Choice

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it is important that you put some thought into your decision. Choose a bed that is spacious so that you are comfortable; a king-size or super-king size is perfect. A solid wooden frame is better, and you should opt for a solid headboard. It is also important that you have a comfortable mattress that will aid a good night’s sleep.

Feng Shui Bed Position

The position of your bed is just as important as your bed choice, says The Spruce. You should choose a spot that is facing the door, although not directly in line with the door. Put the headboard against a solid wall, preferably one that does not have a toilet on the other side. There should be space around three sides of the bed, and do not position the bed under sloped ceilings or low beams.

Other Furniture

It is important to keep the amount of furniture in your bedroom to a minimum but having a bedside table or cabinet on both sides of the bed is essential. In-built wardrobes are a good option, as this keeps the floor space free and hides any clutter away. Those with both shelving and hanging space are ideal and sliding doors will add to the minimalist feel.


Natural materials are a key element of Feng Shui, so it is essential that every item in your bedroom is made from natural materials. Therefore, the best option for furniture is wood. In relation to the other items in the room, consider natural cotton or linen bedding and soft furnishings, and some simple ceramic accessories.

Color Schemes

Your choice of color scheme is also an essential part of applying Feng Shui to your bedroom as the color scheme has a big impact on the vibe of a room. Real Simple says that you should avoid primary and bold colors. The best options are neutral and muted tones. So, consider using whites, light greys, creams, shades of taupe, ale blues, or dusky pinks.


The best option for a Feng Shui bedroom is adjustable blinds. This looks smart, clean, and minimalist while giving you the option to block out light or to allow light into the room. Adjustable blinds also maximize airflow through the room, which is an important element of Feng Shui.


Lighting in a Feng Shui bedroom should create a muted glow to give a warm ambiance to the room. Add low-light bulbs to your light fittings so that you do not have too much glare. Consider using candles to create natural light, and scented candles can also create a pleasant aroma and atmosphere in your bedroom.


The door to the room and the doors of any wardrobes or drawers should always remain closed when not in use. Open doorways are a big no-no in this design style. Also, you should have solid wooden doors rather than doors containing glass windows.

Artwork and Accessories

Artwork should not dominate the room, but it is fine to create a few interesting focal points in the room. Choose images and colors that strongly represent life and nature. In terms of accessorizing the room, you should keep accessories to a minimum as clutter is bad Feng Shui. Choose a single item for each of your bedside cabinets. It is important that the object to the left of the bed is slightly taller than the object on the right. Only add accessories that are made from natural materials. Another important point to note is that you should use accessories to represent the five elemental remedies of Feng Shui. These include objects made of metal or earth, plants for wood, items in fire colors, and water features. Water is associated with calm and relaxation, so if you have room for a water feature in your bedroom it creates a fantastic ambiance that will promote fitful sleep.

Things to Avoid

According to Dreams, what you do not include in your bedroom is just as important as what you do include as there are certain items to avoid according to Feng Shui guidelines.

You should remember that your bedroom is a space for calm and relaxation. This means you should not include anything that is a distraction. Avoid having electronic devices in the bedroom and put your bookshelf in a different room as you should only have the book you are currently using in your room. Another item to avoid having in the bedroom is a mirror, especially one that is in the sightline of the bed.

Creating the Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom – The Final Verdict

A Feng Shui bedroom is a relaxing and calming place where the correct energy flows through the room to promote good sleep and optimal well-being. Your choice of bed and the position in which you put this piece of furniture are the most important aspects of creating a Feng Shui bedroom. You should opt for neutral or muted colors, along with furniture and accessories made from natural materials. Your choice of accessories should represent the five elemental remedies of Feng Shui. It is also vital that you create the right ambiance with the lighting. A soft glow is preferable, and scented candles are the perfect way of achieving this. Blinds can also contribute to the lighting, and these will offer better airflow through the room than curtains. Always close all the drawers and doors when you leave this room.

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