20 Examples of Perfect Feng Shui Bedrooms

Most people will sleep for approximately 9,000 hours over the course of their life time.  This means that we’re all really likely to spend a good chunk of our time in our bedrooms. For that reason, it’s a must that our bedrooms are places where we can relax and unwind. Although getting your room to be your own personal paradise can seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth, Feng Shui is here to help. This ancient Chinese practice believes that harmony can be achieved based on the way that people and things are placed — and spaced out — in a particular environment.

A little Feng Shui can take your bedroom from boring to beautiful – and may even improve your sleep. But how can you achieve the perfect Feng Shui? Here are a few tips.

Have Two Bedside Tables

This is one of the most common things people do when they’re hoping to achieve Feng Shui in their bedroom. Placing a night stand next to your bed on each side creates balance and some believe it can also promote a strong romantic relationship.

While some believe that this old idea is nothing more than a myth when it comes to creating Feng Shui, for many people this is an easy and practical place to start.

Get A Queen or Full Size Bed

If you haven’t already upgraded from a twin bed, the time is now. Investing in a full or queen size bed is the first step to creating your Feng Shui bedroom. A bigger bed will allow you to have more room to sleep comfortably. Although a king size bed will offer the most space, these aren’t recommended because they often require two box springs which can cause disharmony.

Use Soothing Colors

You may be a fan of bold and bright colors, but Feng Shui isn’t. In order to help your bedroom achieve the perfect balance, it’s best to fill your space with soothing ‘skin’ tones.

Close Your Bedroom Door at Night

For most people this is a given. Anyone who’s ever seen a scary movie is probably already a little leery or sleeping with the door open. But a closed bedroom door is better for more than just keeping out the crazed serial killer you just heard about on your favorite true crime podcast. According to the principles of Feng Shui, closing your bedroom (and closet) door at night can help energy flow through the room more efficiently. Some sources even say that keeping the door closed while you sleep can help promote good health and healthier relationships.

Clean Under Your Bed

If your anything like me, the space under your bed is a wasteland where old shoes and other items go to die. But having a mess under your bed can actually be throwing off your Feng Shui. A mess in this space represents clutter and chaos in , and this energy can transfer to you.

Cleaning under your bed will allow good energy to flow through the space more easily. If you have no choice but to keep things under your bed, Feng Shui expert, Anjie Cho, suggests only soft items like pillows and blankets.

Place Your Bed in A ‘Commanding Position’

Have you ever rearranged your room and felt completely different afterwards? That could be a sign that Feng Shui was working its magic. In Feng Shui, a commanding position “places you in the best place to deal with whatever comes into your life. When you are in the command position of a room, you can see the door. ” In order to achieve Feng Shui in your room, it’s very important for your bed to be in a commanding position. This means your bed shouldn’t be directly in front of the door, but the door should be in your line of sight.

It’s also important that your bed have equal space on both sides. So now that you know a little bit about Feng Shui and how to create balance in your space, it’s time to see what all the hype is about. Check out these 20 examples of perfect Fung Shui bedrooms.

feng shui bedroom

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bedroom with cool colors

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feng shui bedroom tips

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feng shui bedroom ideas

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bedroom with orange wall

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modern bedroom with feng shui

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fancy bedroom with feng shui

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feng shui bedroom space

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feng shui bedroom

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bedroom with wall art

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customized feng shui bedroom

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bedroom with feng shui decor

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large modern bedroom design

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bedroom with floor to ceiling windows

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modern bedroom with chandelier

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bedroom with oriental decor

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modern bedroom with sleek design

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bedroom with large white headboard

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bright modern bedroom with wall art

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bedroom with brick accent wall

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