10 Different Modern Bedroom Styles for the Adventurous Decorator

You may not think your bedroom deserves such attention since the only one that typically sees it is you, however, that is precisely why you should create a beautiful and relaxing retreat. At the end of a long day, the one place you want to feel the most relaxed is in your bedroom, so why not give it the attention it deserves. Creating a bedroom oasis starts with knowing your design theme, and if you are a fan of the modern look, there is so much you can do to make your bedroom a beautiful statement of who you are. 

Modern decor is a popular design that is recognized by its clean, straight lines and minimalist approach to furniture and decor items. The modern decor theme also embraces neutral tones, such as white, black, tans, brown, and gray, however, over time, the color palette increased to include a few bold and cheery colors, with red being one of the most popular primary colors to use. More and more, modern decor has become more diverse and decorators are getting more adventurous with the look by adding different elements and mixing and intertwining decor themes. Keep reading to see 10 different modern bedroom styles for the adventurous decorator that will inspire you.

1. Transitional Modern Bedroom

Transitional is a combination of traditional and modern style decor. You are bringing two styles together, pairing modern and traditional furniture pieces, colors, textures and finishes. There are several different types of furnishing styles that exemplify the simplistic approach to furniture, like Asian, Mission and Shaker style furnishings, which make them some of the most popular used in this decor theme. Pair modern style accents with traditional textures and color pallets and you can have a beautiful traditional modern bedroom that is warm, welcoming, and stylish.

2. Romantic Modern Bedroom

When you think of romantic style decor, the thought of light, airy colors with soft and feel-good textures may come to mind. Romantic style decor isn’t just about floral patterns and pink everywhere you turn. The style is geared toward intriguing all of your senses, which can be done by using soft, sensual materials, like silk and satin on the bed, and beautiful sheer drapes on the windows. Bringing a modern touch to a romantic themed room can use these same elements, however, pair these elements with modern touches, such as a modern style bed, your dresser and night stands, along with your lighting fixtures. Art choices can have a romantic appeal with a twist of modernism to marry the two styles together.

3. Contemporary Modern Bedroom

If you like to keep up with the times and decorate your home using the latest styles and designs, then a contemporary modern bedroom just might be the perfect style for you. You might feel at home surrounded by straight, clean lines, neutral, or simple tones, and a clutter-free space. To create a contemporary modern bedroom, choose furniture pieces that are simplistic in design and boast straight, clean lines. You’ll often see a platform bed used in a modern bedroom, along with simplistically designed furniture pieces. Contemporary modern rooms follow the less-is-more concept, eliminating clutter and only placing objects in the room that serve a purpose, from furniture to accent pieces. Many contemporary modern rooms can seem too sterile or cold, which can be countered by warming the space with softer lighting, as well as plush bedding and area rug.

4. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse style homes are all about giving you a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Earthy tones are often used in farmhouse decor themes; creams, whites, grays, beige, and black are commonly seen. Creating a modern farmhouse bedroom can be done by choosing a modern shabby chic headboard, modern rustic light fixtures, and country style accents that have a modern twist to them.

5. Fitted Modern Bedroom

Fitted furniture is a great way to get a modern look for your bedroom. A fitted modern bedroom is the perfect way to open a small room and give you both literal and visual added space to your bedroom. Clunky pieces of furniture can take up a lot of room, create an overcrowded room, which is not inline with the modern design. Fitted furniture is installed in a specific space and is a permanent feature of the room. The contemporary look of the designs are sleek and streamlined to fit the look of any modern bedroom design. You can choose from an array of styles and looks. Units are typically wood or vinyl and doors can be hinged or sliding. Fitted modern bedrooms leave your room clutter-free and “oh-so-mod!”

6. Urban Modern Bedroom

Urban style decor creates a welcoming and relaxed feel when you step in a room, which is what most people want when they retreat to their bedroom. If you want to remodel your bedroom to a modern Urban styled bedroom, it’s easy to accomplish with a few easy decorating ideas. Urban decor embraces some basic natural elements, similar to that of an industrial design. Exposed brick walls, weathered wood, or rugged wood flooring, and stainless steel are all typical elements in an Urban room. Neutral tones are the most common colors in an Urban pallet, although small splashes of brighter colors for accents are often seen for contrast as well. There is a sense of industrialism to the Urban decor theme, but on a much lower scale. Similar metal finishes and monochromatic color schemes can be used, or natural wood and hues of blue. Keep lighting lower in a bedroom to soften the look, and if available, let that natural light flow in.

7. Scandinavian Modern Bedroom

Scandinavian design is one of the most popular design styles today, especially with the rise in the minimalist approach to life we’re seeing more of. It’s a fresh, clean look that uses a, less-is-more approach, to decorating. It’s all about simplicity and functionality – everything in a room serves a purpose, and if something doesn’t, there’s no reason for it to be in the room. Scandinavian works well with the modern decor theme since both styles use similar decorating methods, both using neat, clean lines, and a no clutter, simplistic approach.

8. Bohemian Modern Bedroom

Bohemian is a popular style among those who love the hippie era with a free-spirit view of the world. While Bohemian styles typically embrace a variety of textures and patterns, the style also encourages mixing and matching anything earthy, creative and artsy. The look really gives you an eyeful when you walk into a Bohemian style room, but when it comes to modern Bohemian, you will want to create the same look of earthy and artsy while also keeping your lines clean and neat. Modern Bohemian bedrooms look great with a platform bed, or a mattress that simply lies directly on the floor. White duvets are not only modern, but popular in the Bohemian style too. With a white duvet, add plenty of throws to give your bed a more relaxed look. A black and white Moroccan area rug is one way to keep the room in a modern spectrum, and mid century modern furniture pieces for clothing storage can keep the look cohesive. Add a few modern lamps in natural tones and you are well on your way to a modern Bohemian style bedroom.

9. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Wood furniture pieces are the most popular of the mid-century look, and the pieces typically sport tapered, or slim legs. Simple, clean lines and thee use of geometric shapes are often the biggest part of the design, as well as those pumpkin and pea green hues, rich browns, and mustard yellows. Keeping this look simple in your bedroom by starting with neutral tones on the walls and bringing the mid-century colors into the pallet by way of accents in the room, helps to keep the look fresh and modern. Modern style bedside lamps with simple white shades sitting on a set of mid-century styled nightstands are just a few ideas for creating a modern mid-century bedroom. Choose a platform bed with a textured base and headboard, add a few throws that don the golds, grays, or other mid-century hues and you’ll really be nailing the look.

10. Industrial Modern Bedroom

Industrial decor uses basic elements of woods, brick, metal, glass, iron, among others. All create a look and the feel you would have when standing in a warehouse or perhaps an old factory. The look is unique, it’s timeless, and it can be a very warm design theme that welcomes you whenever you step foot in the room. If you happen to live in a home, or loft that already gives you many of these elements without the need to create them yourself, like exposed piping or brick walls, concrete floors or metal hanging lights, than you can build your look around them with the furniture pieces you choose. A modern style bed that boasts a weathered headboard, like in the picture above, marries the two design modes nicely. The lamp used on the night stand looks both modern and industrial, while the large piece of art on the wall balances out both design modes. Neutral tones are seen throughout the room, and the large metal and  glass windows give you all the natural light you could want, which is not only warming to the room, but it exemplifies what you’d want to see in an industrial style room.

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