20 Modern Bedroom Ideas for the 21st Century

With so many design styles to choose from, from traditional, or classic, shabby chic, Mediterranean, country cottage, retro, rustic, and modern, your home is your castle and you can design it anyway you like and makes you feel comfortable. Modern design has become a very popular style for home décor, especially for younger generations. It’s clean, neat and linear in its look and one that utilizes many different geometrical shapes to create a certain pattern or theme. Modern design in a bedroom is easy to achieve and can make a bedroom feel alive and vibrant, and you can put together a modern look for your bedroom by following a few steps.

Modern design is a simple and uncluttered look. This means that if you have a room full of knick knacks and other cluttery items, you’ll want to put them up, out of sight or get rid of them some how. Your bed will need to be free of a throw pillows, dolls or other show pieces that clutter up the bed. Bedside tables should be left as scarce and clutter-free as well. A lamp, a clock, and if any artwork sits on the table, make it simple and striking. The amount of furniture in the room should be minimal. Your bed is the main piece, a chair in a modern design, a modern-style desk, (if you need one), and your dresser set should also be simple, modernistic in design. Here are other things you will want to consider when setting up a modern bedroom in your home.


Modern design often uses bright colors for dramatic affect, but many times, the main color scheme uses strong contrast colors, such as red and white or black and white. Vivid colors or traditional colors, even busy patterns, are used sparingly, if at all. If you want to add a bit of vivid color, try adding them in something like a striking piece of art, an area rug, or as a solid accent pillow.


Place furniture sparingly in the room. Of course your bed is the main piece, the focal point. It should be simple in design, using a simple headboard, or no headboard at all, will even work for a modern room. Think, simple lines and simple, or dramatic colors for your bed.


Lighting in a modern bedroom should be sophisticated and dramatic. Many times, track or sunken lighting will give a dramatic look, or uplighting that creates a focal point on a dramatic wall hanging picture, gives the room a more modern feel. If you prefer a chandelier over the bed, choose a modern style that sticks with the simplistic theme you’ve been creating.

With a few simple tips, you can take your bedroom from an old style, into a new, modern style that will make you feel young, vibrant and right at home in the 21st century.

For more modern bedroom ideas, look at the following modern bedroom ideas for the 21st century.

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