20 Beautiful Nautical Bedroom Ideas

Nautical décor is one the most commonly used themes in home decorating. Whether you live close to the ocean or far inland, it is one that bring the look and feel of the relaxing seaside into your home. The colors used in a nautical theme are themselves, relaxing and calming, and the use of nautical accessories make the room serene and comforting. One of the most popular rooms to find nautical décor is one you’d expect, the bathroom, however, many people love to bring the look into other rooms as well, such as the living room, kitchen, and of course, the bedroom. If you love the look of the ocean and everything to do with sea life, here are some ideas you can use to create a nautical bedroom.

Choose your color palette

The color scheme of a nautical room can run a gamut of choices, from light or deep blues, shades of reds, neutral tones, such as cream, browns and tans, to sea foam greens, yellows and gray. The deeper, richer reds and blues, paired with white, are the most commonly used colors for a rich, authentic nautical look. But your personal preference on how nautical, or in which direction you want the theme to go, will help you determine your color palette. For instance, if you want to create a “beachy” feel to your bedroom, neutral colors that remind you of the soft sand, along with sea foam greens, light blues, corals, and yellows and gray, are all colors that help to bring the feel of the beach into your private retreat.

Furniture pieces

Your furniture pieces can also help depict the nautical look in your bedroom. A white or cream, shabby chic, weathered wooden headboard is a classic nautical look. Complete your bed’s design with a deep blue and crisp white striped comforter, or a comforter in neutral tones with a beachy design, to give your bedroom a more relaxing, and day-at-the-beach feel. Chairs covered in neutral or coral tones and accented with a beachy throw pillow, are a great way to bring a nautical theme into your room. You may also choose furniture pieces in Rattan or light oaks, which are also common in a nautical designed room.

Accent pieces

With a nautical theme, you can go in just about any direction you want to. Include touches from a wide array of themed accent pieces, from fish, sea shells, drift wood, whicker baskets, anchors, mermaids, sea glass, and vases of sea grass, are all ideas of accents you can use to decorate your bedroom. Display family photos in nautical themed frames, and hang a unique sea shell or nautical rope-lined mirror on the wall. You can mix and match pieces, and be as creative with your style as you want to be. How nautical you make your bedroom is up to you. It is one type of décor that can be under or overstated, and still be a serene bedroom retreat.

Take a look at the following 20 nautical theme bedroom ideas to get you started on designing your own bedroom.

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