20 Elegant Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Are you a fan of the sand and the sea? If you love the feeling that spending time by the ocean gives you, the serene, leisurely atmosphere of the nautical life, then why not re-create the look and feel right in your own bathroom. What better place to have the look of the beach and everything nautical in the very room already centers around water? Yes, your bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you live near the ocean waves or right in the middle of the desert, you needn’t not have a reason for a nautical theme other than you love it. The nautical theme has so many different elements to work with. Incorporate fish and other marine life, sea shells, mermaids, boats, nautical wheels, sea grass, and more. You can mix-and-match ideas and create your own vision of the nautical life in your personal bathroom. If you need some inspiration to get you started, here are a few tips.

1. Color scheme

When you envision a nautical theme, what colors do you see? Color is the most important factor in nautical theme bathrooms, and nautical themes are most often interpreted with the use of calm, soothing colors in creams, light browns, pinks, sea foam greens, white, pinks and blues. If you want to create a deeper, richer theme, use darker blues and richer browns in your design. One idea for a deep nautical theme is to paint your walls a deep nautical blue and contrast it with stark white trim, along with white cabinetry, a white-trimmed mirror, and other white accessories. You can add a splash of accent color such as red or yellow, and especially accents in brushed silver, work very well paired with dark blues. If you prefer, however, you can limit your color choices to strictly a nautical blue and white theme all throughout the room.

2.  Accents

Creating the look and feel of a seaside setting can be done in many ways, through color choices, lighting and accents. One way to enhance the look and feel of an Oceanside or nautical themed bathroom, is to accent the walls with beadboard. You can further the look by tiling the walls behind the sinks using mosaic tiles that are hand painted or decorated with beach scenes. Seashell displays on the counters or on shelving units brings some of the ocean’s elegance to your bathroom, along with items that suggest a boating theme, such as a sail from a sailboat, or Captain’s wheel hanging on a wall.

3. Lighting

Typically, a nautical style bathroom will have low tones of lighting to create a soft, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Track lighting is common in nautical bathrooms, as well as you may want to install, under cabinet lighting for ambience. For areas that may require a bit more lighting at times, such as the shower or at the sink, hang task lights for better quality of vision when needed. For a softer ambience, use nautical themed sconces on either side of the sink for lower, more subtle lighting when task lighting isn’t needed.

Get creative with your nautical design and let the ocean inspire you to design the perfect nautical themed bathroom where you can be taken away to the look and feel of the relaxing seaside every time you step into your bathroom. Here are 20 elegant nautical bathroom ideas to look at to help you get started.

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