20 Gorgeous Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas

Your basement is a great place to add a bathroom to give you more opportunities for how you use your basement space. Basement bathrooms not only give you the ability to utilize the basement as a guest room, but they make it easier to entertain in the basement, and they will instantly add more value to your home. Depending on the available square footage, basement bathrooms will vary in size and shapes, and this can play a role in if you are able to add a full or half bath. Of course, a full bath, even if it combines a tub and shower, will give you the better value increase, and make the bathroom that more functional, so getting ideas on how to make the most out of your usable space is the best place to start.

Get a solid plan

Planning out the bathroom layout is an important detail. Once you get the plumbing laid out, it won’t be easy to change. Decide where you want the bathroom situated in the basement, then layout the plans for where the bathtub, shower stall, toilet, and sink and vanity will go. Digs Digs recommends getting a plumber involved if you have any question as to how to arrange the elements in the bathroom for plumbing purposes.

Color schemes

Once the bathroom elements have been installed, it’s time to decorate. Choosing the right colors for your bathroom will not only beautify the space, but because many basement bathrooms are smaller than main floor bathrooms, choosing the right color scheme can help to add visual square footage, making it look and feel more spacious. Light, bright, or warm neutral tones visually enlarge smaller areas, so stick with light, neutral tones for the walls and flooring if your bathroom lacks in square footage. Neutral tones can include creamy yellows and beige, light brown or tan, and warm hues of gray and blue.

Elegant and functional tile

Tile is one of the most common elements used in kitchens and in baths. It is a popular choice for flooring, counters, and walls. Because basements tend to be more moist and dank, problems with mold and water damage can be can be an issue for some. Choose a flooring material that will be able to withstand a moister environment, such as tile or laminate flooring. Tile is not only highly functional and versatile, but it adds an element of elegance, too. Tile doesn’t have to be limited to just the floor. Add a dramatic appeal to your basement bath by running your neutral toned tile up the outside of the bath, encasing it in, creating a beautiful tiled tub. It’s an elegant touch, with the bonus of visually opening up a small bathroom space.

Combine your laundry area with your bathroom

Many people have a home where the laundry has already been set up in the basement. In these cases, there is already plumbing, or partial plumbing that has been installed and can make it easier to design your basement bathroom for the same area. You can make the most out of an area and combine the two by being creative with how you set it up. Most people would prefer to have their laundry area as hidden as possible if the area is going to be shared with a room used as a bathroom. To save space, Recently suggests these ideas: Consider stackable washer and dryer sets that not only take up minimal space, but can be hidden behind a bi-fold closet door.  small washer and dryer set can also be easily hidden under built-in counters with cupboard doors that can double as a vanity and wall-hanging mirror above.

Lighting for your basement bathroom

Lighting is an important factor in any room, but for bathrooms that act as multi-functional rooms, multiple types of lighting may be necessary. Task lighting for bathing and time spent in front of the mirror is an important choice. Vanity lights set on either side of the mirror are the best choice. According to Pro Remodeler, you’ll get less glare and shadowing on the face with wall-mounted lights that are mounted about the height of your face, and with so many choices, you’ll be sure to find wall-mount lights that flow with your decor theme. Does your basement bathroom have room for a tub? A beautiful hanging light or chandelier can really add a bit of elegance to your guest’s bathing experience, not to mention a focal point for the entire bathroom space.

Add your finishing touches

Decorate your basement bathroom with finishing touches that follow your bathroom’s decor theme. Whether you are designing a modern, traditional, industrial style, Mediterranean, or any other style bathroom, find decor elements that compliment your theme. Plush towels, rugs, decor pieces and other items will help complete your bathroom’s look so it flows with the rest of your home’s beautiful style and taste.

For more basement bathroom ideas, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous basement bathroom ideas, and get started on your basement bathroom plans.

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