The Five Best Bathroom Sink Strainers Money Can Buy

If you are keeping count of the dollars you have been paying the plumber to unclog your bathroom drain, you must be at the end of your rope. Luckily, there are bathroom sink strainers that will make you delete the plumber’s contact because they work so effectively catching dirt and hair to prevent clogging your drain. Even if you probably had a bad experience in the past with strainers you bought before, give them one more chance. Below are the best five that can guarantee you a clog-free drain.

SinkShroom Ultra Revolutionary Bathroom Drain Protector

For less than $15, according to Amazon you can make this sink strainer yours. It is equipped to handle any type of drain through the different adapters for both large and smaller drains. It saves you the headache of calling plumbers regularly because it will catch each strand of hair that tries to go down the drain. All this it does without interrupting the flow of water thanks to the bottom flange and center cylinder. Therefore, even washing your pet in the bathroom poses no risk to your plumbing system. Best of all, it will save you money in the long run because it is made of stainless steel, making it rust, mold, and mildew resistant. You will also eliminate the hustle of setting a specific day for cleaning the bathroom because all you need is to wipe it clean; no harsh chemicals are required. If you doubt how good it is, you only have to look at the 2,340 global ratings. 85% give it a 5 star, and the overall score is 4.8 out of 5 stars.

SinkShroom Revolutionary Sink Drain Protector

Serge Karnegie invented this drain strainer after getting tired of clogged drains because not only does he and his wife have long hair, they also have pets. After years of pouring money down the drain courtesy of regular plumber visits, they brainstormed how to resolve the problem; hence the product was born. It only costs $10.97, making it affordable. The strainer is very effective in catching hair and easy to clean with only a tissue wipe once per week being enough to leave it spotless. The strainers fit any standard bathroom drain, and if you are particular about bathroom décor and want to maintain a certain color theme, then you will be glad to learn that the strainer comes in six colors: titan clear, organic green autumn orange, clean white, neutral gray and marina blue. The only downside that seems to result in the 4.1 ratings from the 3,740 global reviews is that it is hard to clean. It does a perfect job of keeping your drain clog-free, but customers have complained about the difficulty in cleaning it. Therefore, most end up discarding the strainer after about three or so months but still keep buying it again, which shows that it is a worthy purchase regardless of that one con.

Danco’s Bathroom Sink Hair Catcher

On the Danco website, the silicone bathroom hair catcher is advertised as being unique, although the patent for the suction cup is still pending. It has the benefit of coming in a pack of two strainers, meaning you will have been saved the time to order another strainer once one gets damaged. It fits most bathroom sink pop stoppers up to around 1 to ½ inch and comes in white, a color that can blend with most bathroom accessories. Since the main aim is to prevent clogging the drain, you install it in the drain and engage the suction cup, which is an easy task even for a child. Cleaning and maintenance are easy since all you have to do is detach the suction cup, carefully clean it, and reinstall it. Even if you wish to pour harsh chemicals in the drain, you do not have to remove it because it is not easily damaged.

Gotega Hair Catcher

GistGear provides another option of a bathroom sink strainer through this durable silicone hair catcher that can be used in the bathroom and kitchen. Since it comes in a five-pack for a price of $9.19, it is safe to say it is worth every penny. Besides, the fact that it can be used in the bathroom and kitchen makes it an excellent purchase. It is suitable to use in open, flat, or slightly dome drains. The value for money is further enhanced by the product’s durability, which is praised as being resilient and abrasive resistant. Silicone can also not be deformed no matter how much it is mishandled. The small holes provide fast drainage while the protrusions help catch hair and any other dirt that would otherwise clog the drain. It is available in five colors: blue, green, pink, gray, and pink, so you have the option of picking whichever color best matches your bathroom theme. The ease of use should draw you to it because all you have to do is place it in the corresponding sink. If you need to remove it, you get hold of the clump and keep going till it is out of the drain. After cleaning, let it air dry then install it back in the drain.

Uxoz Drain Hair Catcher

If you do not like silicone, then stainless steel is also a great choice because it does not rust, making Uxoz strainer a product you should consider. It comes with four rubber rings of different sizes to match the different bathroom sinks and drains. Therefore you should know the right size to match your drain. For easier maintenance, clean it after every three days because if you wait for longer, the hair caught up will make it harder. It works by separating the water and hair to different pathways such that the hair is held by the rubber ring, which you can use a tissue to clean. The price ranges between $11 and $17, and it comes in silver for that elegant look in the bathroom. The main advantage is that it does not rust or accumulate mold.

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