20 Gorgeous Flooring Ideas For Your Living Room

Your living room is the most popular room in the house. It is the gathering place where friends and family come together to visit, relax, and maybe even enjoy food and entertainment together. You want your living room to be comfortable, functional, and beautiful. One of the biggest focal points in a living room is the flooring. It is one of the first things you see when you walk in the room. You want your living room flooring to fit your lifestyle as well as fit your décor style. 

Families with young children and large dogs need flooring that is durable, easy to maintain, and functional for lots of foot traffic and wear-and-tear, while an older couple with just two small dogs may not need flooring that is as highly functional. Flooring that looks good, is always a desire in any case, and you can get everything you want and need in your flooring if you know how to choose it. Here are some tips for choosing the right flooring for your living room.

Light or dark

The color of your flooring makes a difference in how your room is viewed. Large patterns and bright colors can actually shrink the visual size of the room, shrinking the visual square footage to make the room look and feel smaller. Lighter, neutral tones can have the opposite effect, making your room look and feel larger. Take into consideration the size of your living room when choosing your flooring. Make sure your room can handle a darker flooring when it comes to the size. Can your room afford to lose any visual square footage, or do you need to enhance the appearance of its size, and choose the color accordingly.


What type of flooring do you prefer? If you have young children and/or pets, carpeting may feel better to walk on, but it can stain easily, wear easily in high traffic areas, and fade in high sunlight areas. Hardwood looks great in just about in living room and with most any type of décor style. It can be easy to maintain, however, it has the potential of being scratched under dogs’ nails, or rough play from children. It can also warp when it gets wet from spills and other moisture issues. Parquet flooring can sometimes be a better choice for families with kids and pets and there are lots of looks and designs to choose from. Tile is also a good, durable flooring that is easy to maintain, looks great, and gives you a lot of choices and designs to choose from, although it will require regular grout care, maintaining, cleaning and periodic resealing. It’s also a flooring that can fit into most budgets.


Your budget may be one of the biggest factors in what type of flooring you choose for your living room. Different flooring types will fit into different budgets, and a lot will have to do with the amount of square footage you have to cover in your living room. While hardwood flooring may be what you like best, the price it will cost to cover your living room square footage may not be in your budget. However, a nice parquet, ceramic tile, or carpeting may be a better fit for your budget. Once you know how much square footage you have to cover with your flooring choice, you can start pricing out different types of flooring to see which one fits the amount you want to spend.

For some more ideas, here are 20 gorgeous flooring ideas for your living room to help you get started planning your flooring design.

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