20 Gorgeous Living Rooms Featuring Window Seats

Window seats are doubtfully one of the most unique features in a room. Window seats are viewed as comfortable, and warm and cozy. For anyone who has ever sat on a window seat or had one in any room, then you already know that the feeling it not only gives the entire room, but the feeling it gives you, is one of security and coziness.

When you can sit and look out at the out of doors from a cozy little niche in the room, it makes you want to curl up with a good book, a blanket and cup of hot coffee or cocoa. Window seats automatically draw the eyes to the little niche that may have otherwise been an awkward space without it.

It can be the perfect answer for a spot under a window that wouldn’t easily fit another piece of furniture or decorative item, not to mention, it can add a great deal of extra storage space when combined with drawers, a lift seat or other form of storage space. If you have often thought of adding a window seat to your living room to create a warm, cozy space under a beautiful window, here are some ideas to help you get the ball rolling.

Start with measurements

Before you go any further, start with the measurements under the window. You want to measure the depth of the space, starting from under the window and measure out toward the room. How far out do you want the seat to extend? The average size window seat is typically 30 inches of material outward so you can face forward with comfort, and 50 inches length-wise, to sit with your legs stretched out, end-to-end. You will also want 10-12 inches in height behind each end of the seat to lean on against the wall, or the window.

How functional will it be?

Many people love window seats due to their ability to not only cozy-up a drab window and section of a room, but they can also add a bit of functionality to your space. Many window seats are designed to be extra storage space as well. If you want to add storage space to your room, your window seat can serve as extra storage by designing a bench that opens up from the top, or create drawers that pull out from the side.

Choose your material for your seat

Once you know how big your seat will be, you can start shopping for your window seat cushion. You can make your seat cushion as thick or thin as you want. You can also decide on the type of fabric you want for your seat. There are so many fabrics, from casual fabrics to elegant fabrics. For a more casual, fun look, corduroy can add an element of charm. Or go more elegant with a more luxurious fabric for a more formal look.

If you want more ideas for bench seats, take a look at these 20 gorgeous living rooms featuring window seats.

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