10 Essentials for the Perfect Craftsman Living Room

The craftsman style has gained popularity over the last few years, but it’s a style that’s actually been around for ages. The craftsman terminology comes from the combination of functionality and natural beauty. The DIY movement popularized it in more recent times, when homebuilders started creating furniture projects that evoke a homely style and more homemade look. Craftsman styles project a kind of warmth and inviting feeling, and craftsman rooms are generally some of the coziest rooms you’ll ever find yourself in. If you want to try emulating the perfect craftsman vibe in your living room, here are the 10 essentials you need to find.

1. Flanking bookcases

Most living rooms today serve as the homes of the television. However, in true craftsman fashion, the living room still serves as the room for conversation and reading. Bookcases are often a common feature in craftsman living rooms, but they’ve evolved today to flank both sides of the television screen. Regardless of how you want to approach it, the main idea here is to have bookcases full of classics and your favorites—not just for decorative purposes but also as a means for conversation and choice for entertainment.

2. Comfy sofa

Craftsman sofas are basically comfy sofas. There are no lines to follow here or angles to worry about. The craftsman sofa takes comfort into account; that’s why they’re usually bulky and offer more cushions as well. Given that a craftsman room tends to follow a nature-inspired color scheme, most sofas will feature neutral colors as well. You’ll also often find a few good throw pillows on a craftsman sofa, as well as a thick throw or blanket to snuggle under while you’re in the company of a good book.

3. Cozy fireplace

Nothing cozies up a room like the low flames in a fireplace. Ideally, you want a wood-burning fireplace to complete the look of your craftsman-style living room. However, technology has made so many things possible in this area. There are plenty of electric fireplaces these days that mimic the real thing so closely—you won’t even be able to tell the difference. This feature also means that even the smallest living spaces can have the luxury of a fireplace. In true craftsman fashion, bricks and stone fireplaces would suit best. You want the fireplace to be the center of attention here—the more space you can devote to it, the better.

4. Wood trimming

You really don’t have to go overboard here, but wood is an important element in a craftsman home. This is why most homes in this style features wood trimming throughout. An entire ceiling of wood adds such an elegant and striking quality to your home. It becomes the piece of art in your craftsman room. Otherwise, you can have trimming all over the place–on your furniture, your built-ins, your fireplace, and more. Depending on the wood that you use for trimming, you can really make a statement here.

5. Unique windows

The windows in a home sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve. In a craftsman style house, the windows provide opportunities for art. If you’re looking for a way to update your windows, look for ones that have a personality. Stained glass windows are great options for an artful look. You can also find windows that provide a unique framing for your view outdoors. This is especially useful if your views are just spectacular.

6. Built-in benches

Built-in furniture is a hallmark in craftsman designs. When it comes to the style, having built-in benches is a distinctive feature. Apart from adding extra seating to the space, benches can also give you extra storage. Craftsman living rooms are notorious for not having enough storage spaces. With a built-in bench, you can have storage just underneath for whatever you can think of. Top the bench with comfy foam seating and add a couple of pillows for additional coziness. You might find yourself on the bench more than your sofa.

7. Lamps

One lamp is not enough to pull off the craftsman style. In fact, you want matching lamps and sconces to complete the look. Definitely stay away from modern designs and look for more traditional lamp pairings. Pillar bases with traditional shades are the common choices for craftsman style living rooms. As far as lighting is concerned, you always want to opt for warm lighting instead of bright lights. The warm lights will make you feel cozier overall.

8. Armchairs

While the natural tendency is to go with an armchair that matches your sofa, don’t be intimidated to go another route. Eclectic furniture mixing is a skill, but it’s not difficult to pull off. What you want to look for is an armchair that has a little bit of personality but still has a lot of comfort to offer. The safest way to go is to find a common neutral theme, and stick to it. That way nothing will stick out like a sore thumb, but your room will still have more character in the end.

9. Dark-stained wood

One of the more traditional characteristics of the craftsman style is dark-stained wood. As opposed to the light colors of minimalism, the craftsman style opts for warmth instead of cold and clinical. Dark wood often implies depth and tradition—everything that embodies the craftsman mentality. If you don’t like too much of dark-stained wood, you can either go with more medium tones or balance it all out with some white background paint.

10. Beams/Decorative ceiling

Not all of us have the luxury of having wooden beams or even having a ceiling high enough to have wooden beams. But wooden beams are the epitome of the craftsman living room. If you can’t have beams, opt for simpler alternatives such as vinyl ceiling tiles, coffer ceiling tiles, and more. Character, yet again, is what you will end up with, and your craftsman living room will be as close to perfect as it can be.

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