10 Tips to Make Your Living Room Look More Fun

When people are choosing the décor for their home, most people want the interior to reflect their personal tastes and their personality. If one of your personality traits is that you are a fun person, then you will want your home to have the same sense of fun. You can express the fun side of your personality in every room of your home if you wish. Here are 10 tips to make your living room look more fun.

1. Use Color on the Walls

A room is unlikely to have a fun appearance if it is only decorated in neutral colors. You need to add some brighter colors to give your living room a sense of fun. This does not mean that you need to paint all the walls garish colors. You can use white or another neutral color for some of the walls as this will keep the room light and bright. However, you should make sure at least one wall has a bright color. You will then have a contrast against the white that will make the room look lively and fun.

2. Choose Colorful Accessories

Another way to add some fun with color is through your choice of accessories. You can either choose accessories in the same color that you have featured on the walls, or you can opt for accessories in contrasting colors that stand out. Try adding some brightly-colored throws, cushions, curtains, ornaments, rugs, and light fittings. There is no need to stick to just one or two colors. In fact, the more colors you use, the more fun you will add to the room.

3. Add Varied Textures and Layers

Texture can make a significant difference in the appearance and vibe of a room. According to Apartment Number 4, there are many ways that you can add texture to a room that could make it look more fun. Try using different fabrics, such as wool, velvet, and silk. You can also add texture by adding metallic elements, layering fabrics, and using textured wall coverings.

4. Showcase Prints and Artwork

Prints and artwork will brighten up any room, and your choice of wall art can even add a sense of fun to a living room. Bright colors look fantastic against a backdrop of a white wall. However, you do not necessarily need to choose something brightly colored to create fun with art. A black and white caricature or a comic strip in muted tones can create just as much of a visual impact as something with vivid colors. You can also use metal wall art wall sculptures, murals, or any other style of art you find appealing.

5. Quirky Lighting

According to Green Ply Plywood, lighting can make a big difference to the feel of the room. You should position your lighting to highlight aspects of the room where you want to draw the eye. The lighting you choose is about more than serving a practical purpose as it adds to the overall design of a room. Your choice of lighting can make a big difference to the sense of fun in the room, so opt for something quirky. Some examples include lighting that hangs low, has an unusual design, contains colors, or is oversized for the room.

6. Novelty Items and Accessories

A great way to add some fun to your living room is to add some novelty items, says Decoist. These are interesting for both you and your guests to look at while in your living room. Choose items that appeal to you and that are either colorful, unusual, or comedic. Position your items in notable places, such as on some shelving, on the surfaces of furniture, or on the fireplace.

7. Use Various Patterns

Patterns can add visual appeal and areas of interest to any room in your home. You can even use two or more patterns in different areas of your living room. Stripes, colorful flowers, bright plant prints, stars, animals, and abstract designs are just some of the pattern options you might consider. In addition to adding patterns to your walls, you can also add some patterns with your soft furnishings and accessories around the room.

8. Keep the Living Room Light and Bright

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into making your living room fun if it is lacking in light as it will look dull and gloomy. This will spoil the fun effect you are attempting to create. Whenever possible, make sure there is plenty of natural light into the room. Make the most of the light by not hanging netting on the inside of the windows and making sure you can fully draw your curtains back. Artificial light that brightens the darker corners or alcoves of a room will also enhance the light and prevent your room from looking gloomy.

9. Choose Unusual Furniture

Although all the furniture in your living room needs to serve a practical purpose, your choice of furniture can also add to the sense of fun. Instead of buying the generic furniture you will find in any home, choose something different that stands out. Some examples are brightly colored furniture or seating with curved lines instead of the standard rectangular shapes. Furniture with unusual shapes can change the flow of the room and create a striking feature.

10. Create Several Focal Points

If there is only one focal point in the room that your eye is always drawn to when you enter, it can quickly become boring. Try to create several focal points within the room that draw your eye to different areas. If you have a fireplace in your living room, this is an obvious focal point that you can use to your advantage. Create further focal points on the other walls either by using color, focusing the lighting, adding artwork, or positioning an interesting accessory or sculpture in front of the wall.

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