20 Beautiful Fireplaces for a Small Living Space

There’s something about a lit fire in a home that doesn’t just add warmth physically. Fireplaces add emotional warmth that radiates to the psyche just as much as it does to the body. Many homes out there aren’t equipped to handle the load and capability of a full-blown fireplace, but that’s not a reason not to have them.

There are so many different kinds of smaller and even portable fireplaces out there now that there really should be no reason why you can’t have a fireplace if you want one. Here are 20 beautiful examples of fireplaces for small living spaces.

1. Tiny home fireplace

If a tiny house has enough room for a fireplace, there’s no place small enough to have them. Electric stove fireplaces are a great way to incorporate fire into the home without having to build into the wall.

2. Hanging fireplace

There are small fireplaces that hang and vent directly through a wall. These are beautiful especially for a modern home.

3. Small log stove

These vintage log stoves are hard to find, but if you happen to come across one, grab it right away. There’s something old world about these fireplaces, and the best part is that they’re slim enough to fit almost anywhere.

4. Small fireplace mantel

A mantel fireplace is the most traditional solution to a home that doesn’t have one built in. These are full-ledged fireplaces that come in half the size and half the trouble as well.

5. Wall mount fireplace

If you just really want to save on space, a wall mount is the way to go granted that you have the wall space for it. It doesn’t take much room vertically, but it’ll add a stunning piece like no other.

6. Corner mantel fireplace

If you happen to have that awkward corner mantel, one of the best solutions you can have is a corner mantel. Not only will you get that lovely warmth, but you’ll also have something to occupy that corner part of your home.

7. Ghost fireplace

This is probably one of the most elegant options you can find. The idea is to have an invisible fireplace to highlight just the fire. The result is a stunning piece that’s also practical.

8. Tabletop fireplace

Who says you can’t put fire on the table? There are tons of option out there for tabletop fireplaces, but this Brasa Fire Portable Bio Ethanol Fireplace is one gorgeous piece that will look good whether it’s lit or not.

9. Essence of flame

If you’re not afraid of open fire in your living room, the Essense of Flame fireplace is the way to go. It’s made out of heat-resistant clay that is as effective as it is decorative.

10. Media console fireplace

You can use your TV stand as your fireplace these days with specially made entertainment centers with built-in fireplace. The result isn’t tacky; in fact, it’s quite practical to say the least.

11. Roll Fire

Perhaps this is one of the more unique portable fireplaces out there. It features a round fireplace that’s basically see-through. It’s very modern to say the least.

12. Zen personal fireplace

This one offers a complete zen-like experience coupled with some lava rocks encased in a stainless steel square.

13. Candle fireplace

If you happen to have an older fireplace that’s not working, equip it with tons of candles instead. The result is a romantic space that will still give you the glow of firelight without the hassle of a big fire.

14. Wall gas fireplace

Modern gas fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes today. You can have a small one built into your wall for a few hundred without the need for a vent at all.

15. Cast iron fireplace

A small cast iron fireplace can add a touch of elegance to any room. These can even be painted to match a room, but there’s something about the cast iron look that just makes for a unique focal point in any room.

16. Faux fireplace

There are faux fireplaces out there that you can use decoratively or fill with candles for a dramatic effect. The designs vary, but if you choose to go ornate, you can have something truly stunning in your home.

17. Freestanding gas fireplace

These don’t usually take up a lot of space, but they can serve as a focal point of a room. They also have a strong industrial feel to them.

18. Ceramic stoves

This is one of the trendiest items out there when it comes to fireplaces. These have a very minimalistic feel that’s all the rage these days.

19. Tube pellet stove

Here’s another modern take on the old wood burning stove. It makes for a stunning piece of furniture that will bring your home color and warmth as well.

20. Small built in

If you have a chance to do it, there’s nothing like a traditional built-in fireplace. You can have a fireplace as small as your home could accommodate for.

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