20 Beautiful Bedrooms Incorporating Negative Space

Not all spaces are designed equally. Most every home has an area or space that is a challenge to decorate or design around. Sometimes its a wall, maybe a column, a stairwell, a door, or it can be just about any architectural element that just does not make sense or is confusing and hard to work with. While many homeowners may call these areas and spaces annoying, designers often refer to them as negative space.

When this negative space is in your bedroom, it definitely can be a challenge to work around them and make them functional, especially because the bedroom can typically house some fairly large pieces of furniture, such as a bed, a dresser or armoire. If you have negative space in your bedroom and are trying to gain ideas on how to work around it, here are some ideas that may help you optimize the space.

Nooks and crannies

While little, out-of-the-way nooks may seem like a cozy little idea in a home, to the homeowner, they can often be a challenge to figure out what to do with it. For nooks that just appear out of nowhere in a bedroom, if you don’t already have a piece of furniture that you can nestle into the space. A table sized to fit, a small dresser, or a chair, are often furniture pieces placed in nooks of different sizes. lf the nook isn’t one that reaches all the way to the floor and won’t accommodate furniture, a décor item, or piece of artwork is something to consider for cozying up a nook. To add a dramatic effect, a contrasting color to the rest of the room’s walls can make it stand out.

Odd walls

Walls that don’t serve well as a functioning wall, are too small, set in a strange place in the room, or is a small sliver of wall set between two windows are hard to figure out how to decorate, or utilize. In these cases, try a little piece of art, or hang small shelves for placing pictures or other decorative items to liven up the space and make it flow with the room.

Space behind doors 

If you have a set of doors in your bedroom that open-up to another area, what do you do with the wall space behind the doors? This is one of those tricky areas that can leave you baffled and wondering what you should do with that negative space. The wall space behind the doors can be left unusable if you choose to leave the doors open, however, if you prefer to make it functional and include the wall space behind the doors in your decorative flow, swing the doors partway open and place a piece of furniture on the wall, or hang a decorative mirror or piece of artwork on the wall that will draw the eyes in and give it some attention.

There are lots of architectural elements that can create negative space in a bedroom, but the best way to deal with it is to just decorate around it. Find a way to include it in the room and bring out the space’s best features. For more ideas on how to work with negative space in a bedroom, scroll down to view the following pictures of 20 beautiful bedrooms incorporating negative space.

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