A Guide for Choosing the Right Bedroom Rug

Bedroom Rug

If you are giving your bedroom a boost, then the addition of a rug is a great idea. Similarly, if you are completely redecorating the room, then you should include adding a rug as one of the updates to your bedroom. There are many options available to suit all tastes and budgets, so it is a matter that requires some thought before making your final decision. Here is an overview of why you should consider having a rug in your bedroom and a guide for choosing the right bedroom rugs.

Reasons You Should Consider a Rug for Your Bedroom

Although a rug is not an essential item to include in your bedroom, there are several benefits of adding a rug to your bedroom. The following are just some of the reasons why you should consider buying a bedroom rug:

  • Style – A rug is an element of your interior design that will give your bedroom a little style.
  • Splash of color – If you have opted for a neutral color scheme on your walls but want to add some color to the room, then choosing a colorful rug is a great way of adding a splash of color.
  • Warmth – In a bedroom, it is important to create a warm and comfortable feel. If the bedroom is a little stark or plain, a rug is one way of adding an element of warmth to the room.
  • Noise reduction Sleep Advisor also notes that rugs are a great way of reducing noise if you have laminate flooring.
  • Comfort – Wood, laminate, tiles, and stone are popular floor options in modern interior design. While these types of flooring look fantastic, they are not great to step onto in the morning when you are getting out of bed. Adding a rug by your bed means your feet will feel comfortable when you take your first steps in the morning.
  • Floor protection – Some people also use a rug to protect areas of their floor where there is the most wear and tear.

Size and Shape

One of the most important considerations to make is the size and shape of the rug. You do not want to buy a rug that is too large for the space as this will need returning. Therefore, you should measure the floor space in advance. Similarly, a rug that is too small in comparison to the size of the room and the available floor space will look silly. Overstock says that you should also consider the size of the space around the bed as you need space to walk around the rug, Other than measuring the space, another tip is to experiment to give you a visual idea of how the rug will look. Try using a towel or duvet cover laid in the space to give you some idea of how much room rugs of different sizes will take up on the floor space and what they will look like.

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Color and Design

For most people, the color and design of a rug are two of the most important considerations. You should choose a color that complements your overall color scheme. If you have opted for a neutral look, then the rug is often one of the items that people use to add a pop of color to the interior design. There is almost every color of rug available, so you will have plenty of choices. Likewise, there are lots of different pattern options. Your choice of the pattern should reflect the interior design theme of your bedroom. If you have chosen a modern style, then opt for a plain rug or one with geometric patterns. On the other hand, if you have decorated your room in a traditional style, then you should also choose a traditional-style rug.


Rugs are available in various materials, and each of these has pros and cons. According to House Beautiful, some of the most common materials used for rugs include:

  • Acrylic – This is often used as a cheaper alternative to wool as it has a similar look. Other benefits are that this type of rug will shed less than wool, they are easy to clean, and they are a hard-wearing option.
  • Viscose – Rugs with viscose have a high-sheen look. It is sometimes combined with wool to give the rug a high-quality look. Although viscose looks great, they are not very durable. Therefore, they are not the best option for areas with high traffic.
  • Polypropylene – This is a hardwearing, synthetic fiber that is excellent for high traffic area. It is very hardwearing, despite feeling soft. There are both shaggy and flatweave designs available.
  • Wool – Rugs made from wool are often considered some of the best quality. This natural material is durable, heat-resistant, soft underfoot, and easy to clean. On the downside, wool rugs are often more expensive than those made from synthetic materials.
  • Cotton – Another natural fiber, these rugs usually have a flat weave design. They are less durable than some other options, but they feel soft when you walk on them barefoot.
  • Sisal – A good option for high traffic areas is rugs made from sisal as this is very hardwearing. Sisal is usually used in flat weave rugs. There are some downsides to rugs made from this fiber. First, it feels coarse underfoot. Second, they stain easily. Finally, they are difficult to clean, and you must buy special cleaning kits intended for use on sisal rugs.
  • Jute – This has some similar characteristics to sisal and is very hardwearing


The price of a rug for your bedroom can vary significantly. Some of the factors that affect the price include the size, the materials, the manufacturer, and the retailer. Although it is possible to get a good-quality rug relatively cheaply, it is often better to pay a little more to get the best quality rug you can as this is likely to last for longer.

Choosing a Bedroom Rug – The Bottom Line

A rug is a fantastic addition to the bedroom as not only do they add visual appeal, but they also offer practical benefits. The style you choose is down to your personal preference, but other factors are essential to consider before making your final choice. Some of the most important include the size, shape, materials, and price.

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